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Zen Honeycutt is famous for standing up for mothers and their fight against glyphosate and GMOs. She is a mother of three boys, and founder and director of Moms Across America (MAA); a national coalition of unstoppable moms. Her motto is, “Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids”.

Moms Across America’s mission is to empower millions of mothers to educate themselves about GMOs, to get GMO food labeled and to promote GMO free and organic local agricultural solutions. She stood down Monsanto at their shareholder meeting earlier this year and went in front of the EPA demanding that they ban glyphosate. She travels the world spreading her message while gathering support and will be with us on Maui November 12th, as the guest speaker at SHAKA Movement’s, “Your Right to Health” free presentation at 7pm at the McCoy Theater at the MACC.

Studies show that American moms see their children’s health greatly improve when they eliminate GMOs and toxic chemicals from their diet. Moms Across America want the world to know this and educate mothers, as we are the ones who buy 85% of the food, and universally are trusted with the care of our children. MAA are motivated by a mother’s protective love, and have been unafraid to take on corporations who they believe are more concerned with profits than their children’s health.

During her presentation Zen will talk about the concerns about GMOs and glyphosate, but also about the power of mothers and her growing movement to protect our children. MAA started in February 2013. In a four month Facebook campaign over 300,000 people joined. This movement of mothers continues to grow daily, reaching tens of millions more through media.

Zen will also talk about the bold actions by her organization, to citizen test glyphosate for the first time, and their findings of glyphosate in tested water, urine and breast milk. She will explain how we as mothers can test ourselves and our children here on Maui. Due to her previous success with collecting glysophate test results the EPA paid attention and met with her.

She has taken her message to mothers in China, Australia and New Zealand, where she heard similar concerns about the food supply and the negative health impacts. Her organization has now expanded to Moms Across the World, co-created with Vandana Shiva. To find out more go to and/or join us on November 12th at the McCoy Theater.

Moms have the power!

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Sierra Knight is a mother, writer, a community activist, teacher and public speaker. She lives in Makawao and is from Santa Cruz, CA. You can contact her at (831) 588-8009 or email


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