breastfeeding milk consumption

Scientific evidence suggests that everything you eat, drink, or smoke will affect your breast milk either directly or subtly. Your milk is what you consume. What you put in your body provides the building blocks for the breast milk your body is producing. Cells in your mammary glands make the milk from nutrient molecules in the bloodstream; therefore anything that gets into your blood stream will potentially end up in your breast milk and be passed onto your baby.

Organic food will limit the amount of chemical exposure that can be passed along and healthy nutritional meals will give your baby the best start for a healthy body. If you drink alcohol (beer can actually help increase milk production) don’t breastfeed for three hours. According to the website it takes three hours to metabolize and eliminate the alcohol…it also recommends not to drink more than one a day too! And no cigarettes. If you smoke marijuana and breastfeed understand that traces of THC have been found in the urine of babies and have the potential to affect their developing brain. THC is fat soluble; it can be stored in your fat tissues for months, especially if you were a chronic smoker. Chemicals from pharmaceutical drugs will also be passed along to your baby. The March of Dimes website claims it to be less than 1% of the dose. Also consider the caffeine in drinks you may be consuming.

Take the time and do the research because what you put in your body will at some varying degrees end up in your breast milk.

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