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The Mauimama came out right at the time that I was becoming a mother. And now five years later I cannot imagine being a mama on Maui without it.

The Mauimama gave me a voice to share a letter that I wrote to my unborn son, our legendary birth story and the end of our breastfeeding journey together. Having this opportunity to share our experiences together is a precious gift to our children and our Maui mama tribe.

I love The Mauimama, especially how it has immortalized  our beloved Aunty Tina Garzero. I find myself referring to the Dear Aunty Tina archives on The Mauimama website regularly for myself and advice to pass on to new mamas.

I have felt empowered seeing The Mauimama stand for the advocacy of our children, at times when no-one else has. It is great to have a safe haven where us mothers can turn to without fear.

When I see the new issue on the racks I get so excited to read the new articles, and when I see the magazine in a friend’s car or places I don’t expect around the island, it makes my heart smile. Seeing The Mauimama out and about reminds me of this larger community I am apart of and gives me a sense of connectedness.

The Mauimama is so much more than a magazine. It has created an ohana that we know is here for us. I know that I and countless parents reach out to The Mauimama and the Editor-in-Chief Kate Griffiths for help when we need it. Not to mention all the non-profits and services using The Mauimama in order to reach out to us.

The Mauimama has truly showed me the Power of Community Support, and that it very much takes a village.  Right now as a village, we need to rally together and lift up the Mauimama. Our contributions will give the behind the scene Maui mama, who makes this all possible, the much needed reprieve.

The Mauimama freely gives so much to us, now is a great time to give back. I have launched a crowd funding campaign to raise money to support The Mauimama and all the work that it does. If you love it, like I do, go to and donate now.

Please go to the campaign’s website to learn more about how the money will be used and other ways to contribute.

Laulima – many hands make light work.  Malama Mauimama.

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