From the middle of my second pregnancy, I knew a lot of things about my baby. I knew she was a girl, I knew she was restless (she moved non-stop from 20 weeks) and I knew she would be here earlier than her due date of June 3rd.

At the beginning of my pregnancy we also found out that my Gramps was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I was very close to him and we spoke every week. As time went on I grew larger and he grew sicker but always staying is good spirits. I traveled home to Big Island several times in my last trimester to spend time with him at his request. On Friday May 17th, with his wife, children and family by his side, my Gramps went home to be with the Lord. I received the call minutes later from my sister, and at that moment realized that my daughter was preparing for her journey to us.

All throughout the day I told my baby that she needed to, “Wait for her Dad” who was on Big Island at the time for family graduation. That night while in bed I began watching YouTube videos on home births. I thought to myself that these women were extraordinary and that I would much rather prefer the sense of safety of the hospital.

Early Saturday morning I was awakened by my baby’s usual kicking and stretching at 5am. Soon I began feeling nauseas, and began throwing up. Fearing these were symptoms of preeclampsia I called a girlfriend and asked her to accompany me to Maui Memorial. After blood work they determined that what I was experiencing was in fact the ‘flu’ and sent me home to rest and recover. A few hours later my husband arrived home and took over as nurse. He fed me crackers and chicken noodle soup and monitored my fever as I slept the rest of the day and into the night.

Around 9pm I began feeling contractions. They were not the Braxton Hicks ones I had felt for the last 3 months, but indeed the real thing. Closer to 11pm I advised my husband that they were about 3 minutes apart and that we should head out to the hospital. The pain was increasing and the timing was steady. After getting checked into Labor and Delivery, the nurse advised that I was only dilated to 2cm. They reviewed my chart from the day before and the on-call doc determined that if I did not drastically progress in the next hour they were going to send us home. I pleaded saying that I knew this was the real thing and that I did not want to have to go home and climb the 3 flights of stairs again only to have to come back in 2 hours. Despite my efforts the on-call doc told the nurse to send me home. We were back home before 3am.

We settled into bed and the contractions picked up right where they left off. I labored for an hour breathing calmly through the pain. By 4am the pain had increased and I began feeling pressure. I felt the urge to pee after each contraction. So I would walk to the bathroom after each one and sit down to feel relief. By 4:40am I was no longer able to walk back and forth and began leaning on the bathroom vanity for support. Crying and moaning in pain I called to my husband to wake up and get ready. He ushered me to get ready, but by then I couldn’t move. The contractions had began coming back to back and I felt immense pressure. I was crying louder and grunting through each contraction. In disbelief he begins to understand what is happening. I tell him I need to push and he is literally screaming, “You can’t fricken push, we’re not at the hospital!” He immediately dials 911 and between the cussing and screaming explains to the operator that I am in active labor. I was hovering over the toilet pushing through the contractions, because frankly it felt good. My husband tried one last time to get me to go to the hospital saying, “Come on we can make it, your water didn’t even break” at the very moment it burst into the toilet! I screamed back, “It just broke and reached down. It was then that I felt her crowning and screamed, “The baby is coming! I can feel her head!” He threw the phone on the counter and stretched his arms out. I pushed and screamed and in one great effort my daughter slipped right out, into our waiting arms. Immediately relieved I sat on the toilet and looked down at our baby.

I held her over my arm face down to make sure any liquids in her nose or mouth could come out. We wrapped her up and I began rubbing her to stimulate her breathing. When I flipped her over her face, mouth and nose were clean and she was breathing calmly. She did not cry or scream but let out little whimpers, telling me she was calm, relaxed and happy.

Priscilla was born on Sunday May 19th at approximately 5:05am… sent by God, blessed by Gramps and delivered by her parents.

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