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Holy Propaganda! If you have been living in cave you may have missed the ads, but if you haven’t you may be asking the same question as me. How can “they” distort the truth like that? When did a moratorium to temporarily suspend open-air GMO and pesticide experiments (until practices are concluded safe for the environment and human exposure) = a farming ban? Unless they know they won’t pass?

I studied Environmental Economics & Policy Making in college as part of my Environmental Bachelor of Science Degree and I am amazed an extensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has never been issued in the county of Maui on the open-air experiments, that are conducted by one of the biggest chemical companies in the world. The EPA admitted to the County Council that the chemical combinations that are being sprayed on Maui fields are completely untested and not regulated! Chemicals such as chlorpyrifos (a herbicide with known impacts on the development of young children) and Atrazine (a chemical that is related to birth defects and infertility).

I can only hope that enough people are awake to stand up and vote YES on the GMO initiative so that the Environmental and Public Health Impact Study can be conducted.

This issue has opened up so many cans of worms, especially highlighting how politics is done around here. If we want a change we can make that happen on November 4th, but only if we vote.

But who should we vote for? After researching the candidates, here is who The Mauimama endorses for our next County Council and mayor for the island of Maui.

Elle Cochran: West Maui. Hands down (in my opinion) the best County Council member in our current administration.

John Fitzpatrick: South Maui – Strong supporter of the GMO moratorium and strong advocate for sustainability and education.

Don S. Guzman: Kahului – He serves on the current County Council with open ears and mind, and (in my opinion) is much better than the alternative.

BLANK:( Wailuku-Waihee-Waikapu – The Mauimama unfortunately does not endorse either Victorino or Blackburn.

Mike White: Makawao-Haiku-Paia – Great budget experience, fair minded, was instrumental in helping Giggle hill Park get the funding it badly needed and stands up to the mayor!

Courtney Bruch: Upcounty (Pukalani-Kula-Ulupalakua) – She stood up when no-one else was contesting Gladys Baisa’s seat and is a strong supporter of the GMO moratorium.

Nick Nikhilananda: East Maui (Hana-Keanae-Kailua) – Former Co-Chair of the Green Party of Hawaii… need I say more?

Tamara Paltin: Mayor – Supports a sustainable Maui that is community driven, supporter of the GMO moratorium and will be a fresh and welcomed change from the current status quo!

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