single parenting mom

Dear Single Mom,

You are enough. 

You’ve tried dating. You’ve even had a new significant relationship, even if it ended in more disappointment. You worry that your daughter needs a positive male role model. You fear that your son needs an attentive good dad in his life to show him how to be a good man. They don’t. 

You are enough. 

They need you. They need you to be confident that you know you can do it. They need you to value yourself. They need your emotional stability to feel safe and secure. If you desire a committed relationship, you certainly deserve one. It’s true though, that you need to keep your equilibrium. It’s true that a good man will be committed and honored to be your partner, and cherish being a part of your family. Don’t settle for less. 

You are enough. 

And when you are alone, no friends or family around, know that your kids are so happy to be with you, and know that you are always there. You teach them the things you think they need to learn from others by making healthy decisions. Making mistakes is a part of life. Being healthy isn’t about being perfect. It is about recognizing a situation that doesn’t work, and making the necessary changes you need. They will learn about healthy relationships from you in this way. They will learn how to go for what they want in life, and how to reassess and redirect their plans and goals. They will learn to have courage and to sustain good bonds because of their bond with you. They learn all this from you mommy.

You don’t always realize the strength of your love, and the certainty of your power; but it’s all there mama. 

You are enough.

Yours truly,

A single mom who understands

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This article is either an edited press release or sent in by a reader of the mauimama whose story is more important than their name. Thank you for sharing.


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