Aunty Tina Nara

Aunty Tina was honored last month in Oahu by The Midwives Alliance of Hawaii, at their convention. This has been a long time coming and will be of no surprise to the many of us who know Aunty Tina and the hundreds of families who have been touched by her service of over thirty years.

I would love to take this opportunity to share here one of the readings that was read out on that day. It was written by her daughter Nara, a Maui mama of three…

“Are you Tina the Midwife’s daughter?”
It’s a question I’ve heard my whole life. To answer “Yes” has been automatic, (except for the few times as a teenager I wanted to escape into anonymity).;)

There is a pride that comes with being her child, knowing how she has contributed to the community far and wide in a way few are able. There have been sacrifices too, as you all know, for her and her family. Holidays missed, performances, competitions, beauty pageants, birthdays… the list goes on. But for Tina, the sacrifice was necessary, and I hope, worth it.

She has been credited with reconnecting the Hawaiian people with their culture of Home Birth on the West side of the island, for giving the “breath of life” to many babies who needed it, and for giving dignity and respect to those who have chosen to take the right of home birth as their own, despite the views of some in society.

Thank you for honoring this amazing woman, this mother of far more than the nine of us she gave birth to.

Please send loving thoughts her way – may her healing light and compassion be returned to her many thousands of times over.

From Nara, “Yes, I AM Tina the Midwife’s daughter” Boone.

Image Credit: Joanna Tano Photography

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Tina Garzero CPM, LMT. practiced midwifery for 40 years and lived on Maui for over 35 Years. She was the mother to 9 children and lived in Haiku. She is the heart of the Mauimama and will be sorely missed. (Tina Garzero 1951-2015). We love you Tina. This website is dedicated to Tina's life and service on Maui.