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Spring is a time for new beginnings. What better way to a new beginning than with balance?

Take an Assessment -Are you always taking on everyone else’s problems at work? If so, step one is beginning to set boundaries and say no. Do you feel like you are the only one getting things done around the house? Then it’s time for delegation. Sometimes we don’t delegate due to perfectionism. If you want to strike a balance you need to be okay with “good enough.”

Fill Two Needs with One Deed – Enjoy yoga, but feel guilty taking the time?  Make it a family affair! Grab the kids (and hubby too) and head outside. Use beach towels in place of yoga mats. Has participating in a beach clean-up been on your to-do list but never made your schedule?  Include your family in this feel good community event.  You will be cleaning up the environment while teaching your children to respect the ‘āina.

Schedules – Make sure you and you family aren’t over scheduled. Take a good look at what is currently on the calendar. Be sure the activities you and your family choose to do are enjoyable and not just done out of obligation. At the same time, be sure not to under schedule yourself and your family too. When we don’t make any plans, precious family time can get whittled away.

Family Time Made Easy – Make a plan each weekend.  It can be as simple as a picnic at the park or pizza and game night. This ensures family time with minimal stress, but loads of fun. If you are really able to detach and de-stress on your days off, it helps you ease more gently back into your workweek.

Tune Out (To Technology) – To really create a balance you may need to disconnect from your electronics so you can re-connect with your family and friends. Don’t use technology to be two places at one time. Resist taking calls or checking work emails from home. Be 100% present at home so you don’t feel guilty being 100% present at work.

Tune In (To You) – According to Rachel Davies, owner of Wild Intelligence Hypnotherapy, “You can’t give what you haven’t got. So make sure you start with noticing what’s alive in you, taking good care of yourself, and finding a way to make sure your needs are being met too. Good balance starts with a grounded connection to yourself.”  So take a few breaths to check in with yourself right now and just notice what’s going on. Ah!

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