women teaching women

There is something magical that happens when women get together in a real and authentic way. Women want a place to come together to share their experience, build community, learn from one another and create the kind of friendships, lifestyle, health, business and family they desire. A community where this can be done is a rare thing in today’s world! Woman Teaching Woman is a community group that will include a blend of regular speakers, events, weekend brunch, women’s circles and anything else that arises from the natural energy that gets created when women get together!

Each event will have a theme, topic or speaker, so that not only are we building an alive, vibrant women’s community, but we are also learning & growing from one another as well.

Speaker and workshop topics will include: Conversations about sexuality, parenting & child rearing, the connection between food, emotions & health, natural health through herbs & nutrition, relationships, love & authenticity, pregnancy health & childbirth, communication, honesty and respectful relating!

A few snacks, a bunch of women, laughing, truth telling, and friendship. This will be a chance to come meet other women interested in building community and talking about the richest treasures in life: Relationships, health, family…whatever is up for you is welcome in this circle. It will be a sacred space for women to be honest and open, have fun and let their soulful side out. Wild, tender, playful or fierce, it’s all welcome.

A $10-$20 donation is appreciated to help pitch in to cover the cost of the space, but is not a requirement to participate!

Email me, Amé Skinner at whole1life@yahoo.com if you want to be on the email list and get notified about upcoming women teaching women dates. A website www.WomenTeachingWomen.com is coming soon. Have a beautiful Mother’s Day.

Image Credit: Ame Skinner

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