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Since the seventies Women Helping Women (WHW) has steadily grown into a non-profit agency that now provides a comprehensive range of services to over 600 women and their children, each year in Maui County. 

Renowned for its great work on direct intervention, advocacy, education and prevention of Domestic Violence, Women Helping Women has become known state wide. However, one lesser known service that they provide is called the Transition Program. One of the services they offer under this program is to match up car donors with recipients in need.

One Maui mama who recently went through the program explains how it works. “I was without a car for 3 weeks as I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship. My car had belonged to my ex, so to help cut cords I had returned the vehicle. I left with very little and didn’t know how I was going to pull it together, but knew it was something I needed to do for myself and my children.

I reached out to Women Helping Women. Little did I know they have a program that takes in donated cars from the public and provide them to recipients in need. I was told there may be a wait as they were not sure how long it would be before a car became available, so you can imagine my surprise when the next week I got a phone call, “We have a car available for you!”

We all met at the DMV to transfer the papers, the car’s owner, a representative from WHW and myself. I went with a grateful and humble heart, not knowing what to expect. I couldn’t believe it when I discovered that the car donor was the sole owner of a 1992 Infinity luxury car. She had kept it in a garage and called it Ms. Queeny, equipped with leather interior, sun roof, long history of regular maintenance and oh, a V8 motor!

I am blown away by the generosity and heart of this lovely woman. It solidifies once again hope for humanity. And as always just how freaking ahhhmazing the Universe shows up with bells on when your ready to transform into the life you were born to ROCK!”

Living in an abusive relationship is hard. Leaving one can be even harder. It can paralyze you mentally. All too often too many  stay in unhealthy situations due to expenses, lack of resources, unavailable affordable housing and diminished self-worth.

Women Helping Women has made it their mission to keep helping until every household is a safe one.

With the season of giving and new beginnings in mind, if you are reading this with an extra car in the garage or a good vehicle that you want to replace soon, spare a thought of donating it to someone in need, or anything a family in need could use, for that matter. Your used unwanted possessions can be someone else’s reason for not giving up and moving forward in their lives.

You can contact Women Helping Women Transitions Program at 446 7348. Donated goods are also accepted at their ReVive Boutique, a donated goods store at 495-0067.

The Transitions Program provides case management, intake, needs assessment, advocacy, educational and support programs and referrals. A significant and vital component of the program has been rental assistance. Many of the women in this program are homeless because of domestic violence. Contact 446-7348 to seek assistance.

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