Mr Right, Right now

Mr Right, Right now.

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” ~ Loretta Young

It’s a New Year— the time for assessing, planning, and planting seeds for what you want to grow in your life. If your love life is not truly fulfilling your heart, let’s look at why and make some plans to change that… after all Valentine’s Day (the most difficult day for an unfulfilled heart) is just around the corner.

Whether you are married or single, and you’ve experienced bad relationships, love may seem like a mysterious phenomenon you haven’t been able to figure out. You may even doubt that true love exists.

The truth is having the kind of love you want is determined by a few core beliefs… and most of us don’t realize what is stopping true love from finding us.

This I learned the hard way…

10 years ago, I was a single, successful television producer in Los Angeles.  I was accustomed to making things happen on a daily basis.  I could get the results I wanted in every area of my life, except for my love life. I couldn’t understand why in all of my 37 years, no one ever wanted to marry me! All my friends said I was a great catch: smart, successful, attractive, kind, loving, sincere, grounded, good natured, healthy woman. I was in a 10-year relationship with a great guy, but he was not interested in marrying me. No matter what I did to “make myself into great marriage material” or grow our relationship to the next level, nothing seemed to work.

Fast forward to now – I’ve been happily married with children for 9 years, and with each year our love deepens. So what changed?

The “Single Me” bought into 3 Major Love Myths…

Love Myth #1

There is nothing we can do about love; love just happens on its own, it’s fate, it’s like magic.

Love Myth #2

You are not married or in a happy relationship because there is something wrong with you, something you need to fix.

Love Myth #3

Some people are just luckier than others, or born with the ability to find their soulmate or have the perfect marriage.

The Truth Is:

• You CAN be proactive in attracting the kind of love that is healthy and long-lasting.

• There is nothing wrong with you… but, there is something You Are Doing to Stop True Love in its tracks.

• We all have equal ability to attract love and to enjoy long-lasting love relationships.

The Real Reason why True Love hasn’t found you? (And why I was attracting unsatisfying relationships?)


Resistance to love is caused by False Beliefs and The Stories built upon those false beliefs that we play in our subconscious.

Often we have a subconscious resistance to opening ourselves up to true love. We’ll open ourselves up to the guy who is not good for us, or the man-child we can control, or the gentle man who won’t hurt us… but ultimately these are not true love relationships.  They are relationships that our subconscious, protective self believes we can manage, manipulate or enmesh in co-dependent or unhealthy ways. This prevents a man from connecting with the real you, your vulnerable heart, your true self.

If this resonates with you and you’re interested in figuring out why we do this and what you can do about it, I invite you to watch a free webcast at It’s part of my True Love Series for smart women who want to understand themselves and attract what I call your “Soul Husband” (meaning the man just right for your soul).

This could be your last Valentine’s Day alone, if you make this Your Year To Let TRUE Love Finally Find You!

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