Malika Dudley Mauimama front cover 2017

It is amazing how some issues create themselves. I guess it is like life. Even with the best laid plans, life can have an even better one… well, hopefully.

August is breastfeeding awareness month, the attempt by the establishment to peal back misconceptions indoctrinated in the 50’s that formula is better and more “respectable” than breastfeeding. Over half a century later we are still trying to normalize breastfeeding and respect its role in the advancement of nurturing and life. Every year, without fail, I proudly display a breastfeeding mama on the front cover to help normalize the most basic and instinctual need to feed our babies. This issue I am very grateful for Malika Dudley who shared this photo, taken during a break in a photoshoot. The more we see breastfeeding, the more it will become the norm… again.

Breastfeeding is often a given topic for the July-August issue. If you go to the website you will find many articles written on the subject, from best feeding positions, mastitis, what to eat to encourage milk production, baby’s IQ, tips from Aunty Tina and so on. You will find these in the breastfeeeding category, comprised primarily from the July-August archives. The magazine, however, condenses two months into one and I often have a secondary subject I like to bring to light. This time the second subject evolved naturally as articles started to roll in (btw, I am always open to receiving your articles) and a pattern emerged. Every article submitted from our community, within one week, seemed to be regarding health and sickness. Then two amazing figures from our community passed within that same week. One a beloved pediatrician, Dr. Langeron, and one a beloved, smart, funny and loving Maui mama, Brita Luaren Corradini. I dedicate this issue to both of these souls.

I may never understand the point of it all. The only thing I can grasp onto is to try and live this life with as much love and joy, and to fuel the burning fire in my belly to leave this place better than I found it, through my children and for my children. Disease can ravage a life. It can destroy families. It can annihilate hope. It can oddly inspire Victorian nursery rhymes. It can also bring about healing in ways you never thought possible. It can bring out empathy for others and humor in the darkest hours and bring families together. It can bring about new ways of living and new depths of courage you didn’t think possible. It can help reveal areas of dis-ease and guide you towards a brighter path. It might even give you a deeper sense of purpose, connection and compassion… and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Mahalo, I wish you and yours a healthy and happy Summer!

Image Credit: Marylane Studios

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