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A dream board is a collage made up of pictures, words, and numbers that serve as inspiration to help you visualize your goals in life.” It is ultimately a tool that helps to focus your attention on these goals so that you are constantly reminded and taking steps to achieve your dream. To begin your year by taking the time to make a dream board is a great way to create a visual reflection of everything you would like to achieve.

What are Dream Boards used for?
• Helps you stay motivated
• Helps you visualize your goals
• Helps you identify priorities

Dream boards help you stay motivated:
One of the things that I like to do when I analyze my life is to try to find the question in the situation. If I am reading a book or taking an aerobics class I have to ask myself what is this for. If my answer is anything other than to improve my overall health and wellness so that I can look and feel better about myself then I will probably not finish the task or fail to fully commit to the project. I find that once I get clear on my intention I no longer have to fight to stay motivated on the thing that I started. Dream boards are great for those self-described procrastinators who commit to doing everything and finish nothing. Dream boards are able to serve as an excellent motivator reminding you of your original intention and the path you have set for yourself.

Dream boards help you to visualize your goals:
The journey to achieving my dreams was manifested during a time of mild depression, loneliness, and complete exhaustion. I needed a break from the monotony of life and I needed to know that period in my life was just a moment in time and things would change. After much prayer, meditation and self-reflection I completed my first dream board filled with all of my aspirations and things I wanted to do and become. What I gained from this experience was hope for the future. I was encouraged and my perspective was changed after visualizing myself doing the things I wanted to do and creating a visual on how I can achieve it. One thing I realized is that even though the situation had not changed immediately I was encouraged because my perspective on my situation was hopeful. The dream board helped me become less focused about what I could not change and gave me encouragement to move towards what I could change.

Dream Boards help with identifying priorities:
Often, life can become so busy doing things we need to do to survive that we forget to live and enjoy what is most important to us. The questions that come to mind when I think of identifying my priorities are: What brings me the most joy? What can’t I live without? What area in my life could be improved? When I answered these questions for myself my life changed completely and I started the journey to becoming my most authentic self. The biggest changes for me were the changes in my job, my relationship with my children and taking better care of myself. My dream board represented everything that I wanted to be and helped me focus on what was important in my life.

Image Credit: Emma Whitney Photography

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