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As parents on Maui, we are willing to move mountains to make sure that our children are safe, healthy and happy. Having access to healthy food, good schools, pure water to drink, and clean water to swim in are all very important. Truly affordable housing for working families may seem beyond reach these days, but it is possible if we make the right choices as a community.

Now that the Primary Election is over, we know who the candidates will be for the November 6th General Election. The winners of that election will make decisions for our community over the next two to four years! So please take the time to learn about the candidates and vote. Then encourage others to do the same. Our vote is an expression of our vision for the future.

For nearly three decades, Maui Tomorrow Foundation has worked with community groups on issues vital to Maui’s quality of life, including truly affordable housing, stream restoration, quality of life, open space, and sustainable agriculture. These are all influenced by who is in office, and they all affect our children’s future.

For example, the person who is elected Governor appoints members of state boards and commissions, including the Land Use Commission, which makes decisions about future development. While the person who is elected Mayor appoints members of many county boards and commissions, including the Maui Planning Commission. Decisions on what kinds of development are allowed, for example, near the shoreline are made by these people, so your vote for Mayor influences what happens to our shorelines.

It is critical that we vote in all nine County Council races, because all nine Councilmembers make decisions that affect the entire County by majority rule. These decisions determine what can be built where, and the priorities with which our taxes are spent. Unfortunately, thousands of voters fail to vote in Council races outside of their districts, possibly because they don’t realize that they can and should vote for all nine.

You can vote early at a walk-in location or request a mail-in ballot. See for more information. An election may be decided by a single vote! You certainly don’t want to be the person who could have made a difference if you had voted. So do your research, consult with your friends, or one of the many organizations whose values you share, and then vote! Do it for our keiki. You’ll be glad you did.

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