What Daddies should Expect Postpartum

What Daddies should Expect PostpartumDear Aunty Tina, I’m going to be a new dad. I’ve been attending the birthing classes but want to know what I should expect to be doing postpartum?

‘What To Expect the First Year’, by Heidi Murkoff is a great book for both the mommy and daddy to read before the baby is born, and will help explain a lot. I would suggest to try and take a week or two off work after the baby is born, if you can, to help. This will also give you great bonding time with your newborn.

After birth, your partner will be healing and may need help getting around. Prepare to take on a caretaker role, if aunty or tutu is not coming to help. If it is just the three of you and you are able to take care of preparing food and household chores, that would be great so your partner can rest, heal and be with your newborn. If you are not a good cook maybe have a bunch of frozen home made meals ready that can easily be heated up. Be available to spend time with your baby too and let your partner rest as much as she can, especially if she had a long birth or cesarean. Your partner may also be experiencing emotions relating to her hormones, be there for her emotionally, giving birth is a huge event! You may also be surprised by your own emotions, so take time to nurture yourself too.

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