Brenton Keith Maui magic tricks

The truth is, we’re all Magicians. So why not show the kids what you can do at the next Holiday gathering and be the coolest dad around? There’s something truly unbelievable about being, ‘the Magician’ to children. Depending on their age, they can view ‘the Magician’ as a true Wizard, or someone who knows how to do some very interesting and cool things. Talking from experience I perform as a High-Energy Comedy Magician here on Maui. I love to amuse and amaze in backyards, community centers and parks for parties and events. Do I truly possess Magical powers? If I’m making kids smile and laugh, then I believe the answer is YES.

At first, I was thinking I could share some great tricks by writing a bunch of step-by-step ways to perform Magic for children. Then I thought, whenever I look at tutorials in Magic magazines, I lose interest very fast. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what you do – it’s how you do it.

Have Confidence: The first thing you need to stop saying is, “Well, I don’t practice Magic on a regular basis, so I can’t do Magic.” Remember, to children (especially the really young ones), everything is Magic. Why not pretend to be the one who can wave their hand and say Magic words to make the car turn on or open a door? Kids want to believe that their Father or Uncle is a Magician, so own it!

Learn 3 Tricks: The biggest problem beginning ‘Magicians’ have is wanting to learn a zillion tricks. Instead of overwhelming kids (and yourself) with a bunch of effects done poorly, why not take the time to learn 3. It’s simple to ‘pull a quarter from a kid’s ear‘ when you don’t think about the handling of it and just do it with some good acting. Try making a crayon disappear simply by hiding it in your ear after some fun misdirection. Then make it reappear after some other quirky nonsense. It’s limitless what you can do, but try to pick 3 and stop. Practice those 3 over and over again until you feel somewhat confident with them. Even if you don’t feel like you’re ready to perform it, just keep going. Never let em’ see you sweat.

YouTube: You’d be surprised at how many magic secrets are given away on YouTube. Simply type in ‘learn magic’, and you will have everything from 30 second lessons to 30 minute classes. Depending on your time and discipline, you can easily learn miracles faster than you’d think. A simple and very effective ‘classic’ is called ‘Paper Balls Over Head’. For a tutorial on YouTube, type in ‘Learn Magic Tricks: How to Amaze Anyone with Paper Napkins’.

Involve the kids: The best Wizards have proven that the real Magic isn’t in their own hands, but have revealed that it is in the hands of everyone else’s. So pass the wand as much as possible, and show that even your little spectators can perform miracles. Using your imagination and combining with those of children makes for infinite possibilities.

So go play. Go down imaginary elevators. Turn flowers into frogs. Learn new Magic words from the kids. Laugh. Be silly. Have fun with your Magic. If you’re not funny, hopefully the Magic is good. If the Magic isn’t good, hopefully you’re funny.

Image Credit: Brenton Keith

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Brenton Keith & His Bag O' Tricks has been astonishing Hawaii for over fifteen years with High-Energy Comedy & Magic. He moved to Maui to begin headlining at Warren & Annabelle's, combining sleight-of-hand & interactive comedy. Presently he can be seen every Tuesday night at Mulligan's or any event where extraordinary moments are desired. Brenton has also begun producing events & hosting with Gameshow Fanatics, Hawaii's only full-scale portable Game Show company. For more info go to: &, or call (808) 870-2102. Gameshow Fanatics Highlight Reel Gameshow Fanatics Demo Reel