Sacred Art of Postpartum

Welcome to The Art of Sacred Postpartum ™ – Crossing the threshold from maiden to mother is a massive undertaking that not only needs to be recognized and ceremonially honored, but deeply necessitates a healing touch that can welcome the new mama with open arms.

As a postpartum receiver, you are charged with holding space for women on the other side of birth, you are reminded of being reverent with your service to her, and you are blessed to be her witness as she starts feeding her baby milk, heals her body, and begins to seal the rawness of her birth experience. You are there to wrap her in a blanket of your loving care, warm her insides, massage her, create herbal tinctures for her, educate her on placenta prana™ , feed her soups, and gift her with ceremony.

Mother Roasters are CAREGIVERS that nurture new mothers after BIRTH while supporting their RECOVERY and JOURNEY into motherhood; as EVERY women deserves to be welcomed into MOTHERHOOD through GENTLE LOVING CARE.

She SERVES: The Art of Postpartum Care – Understanding Reverence and service: Sealing Stories Ceremony, Postpartum Depression Symptoms + PP Tinctures, After Birth Basics: Peri-Care + Episiotomy Care + Yoni Pops, Warm Milk + Honey : Milk + Roses Wash, Herbal Sitz Ceremonial Bath + Relaxation Rebozo Tuck In. Learn traditional Benkung Belly Binding + Malaysian Belly Firming Paste + Ayurvedic Oils.

She HEALS: The Art of Placenta – Placenta Facts: What is it? How does it function? P-Prep: Pick Up + Transport + Supplies + License Talk + Meeting New Clients + Biz Talk. Placenta Prana-Qi : Reviving a Qi deficient Placenta. Cord Burning + Lotus Birth. Chinese Medicine: Cultural Traditions + Herbs + Delivery Placenta Remedies. The Benefits + Risks of Digesting Placenta + Cleaning + Draining. Placenta Art + Prints + Cord Keepsakes. Raw Preparation + Dehydration + Encapsulating.

She NOURISHES: The Art of Conscious Cooking – Food Facts: Conscious Cooking Tips + Food Handlers License + What Women Need to Eat Post Birth. Your Kitchen Altar + Signs. The Tapestry of Teas: Make 3 Unique Teas to help stop Postpartum Bleeding, Support Reproductive Healing. SUPER-FOOD: Breast milk + Babes. Cashew + Chia Milkmaids: Make Fresh Cashew + Chia Milk. Restorative Soups Defined + Food Trees. Boobie Brownies: Make Raw Boobie Brownies with “Milk Enhancing” tincture included.

She WARMS: The Art of Mother Roasting Defined -Hot Stone Abdominal Massage: Make Hot Stone Herb Bundle. Mighty MOXA : MOXA Demonstration. Yoni Steams + Intake form defined + Essential Herbs. V-Steams.

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Image Credit: Maggie bijl

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Maggie Bijl was so empowered by her birthing experience (the good, as well as the bad) that she is now an advocate for homebirth and childbirth education, as well as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, Mother roaster, and Birth Doula, as well as a Mom. Contact for more information.