Graceful healer pregnancy

Ahh, it’s not often enough that I get a whole morning off work! I prepared for some much needed girly time at the beach. Knowing that I was feeling a bit self-conscious about my growing baby body I decided to throw on my hot pink board shorts over my bikini. Only they never made it over my ass. I plopped down on the bed sighing and biting back tears. When that little voice in my head reminded me that I was 5 months pregnant. This was bound to happen sooner or later. And well, I’d been hitting the chocolate just a bit or bite more lately.

I thought of all the times I had admired women who had nicely shaped backsides. I was one of those women who would choose bum implants way over boobs. I was always able to shake it pretty well for a white girl, but I never had much of a tuckus to make a ruckus with. I‘d worked pretty hard the last few years at Pilates developing some actual roundness back there. And here I was pouting because I had finally grown a luscious little fanny.

So I did what any woman would, I looked in the mirror and inspected it more closely. Whoa… It really had taken on a life of it’s own. But it wasn’t lumpy or saggy. In fact it actually filled out my bikini quite nicely. I mean if I was going to get out of this pregnancy with some added T & A, who was I to complain, now that I had a motor in the back of my honda. It was official. This baby had given me back! Cue the Sir Mix a Lot…

I asked myself what does one do when they find out they got too much booty in their pants? Why they dance. So I stood in front of the mirror and shook my caboose and watched it jiggle. I started laughing at how funny I must look. Lil’ mama thinks she’s in a rap video or something. “Oh my God Becky! Look at her butt!”

So I threw on a sundress and headed to the beach to rock my baby body. Of course my girlfriends assured me I was an adorable preggers lady. And I definitely haven’t heard daddy complaining! There’s only one person that can make me feel gorgeous and sexy. And that’s me. They say one of the greatest gifts besides love you can give your child is confidence. So I decided to be confident in my skin no matter what happens to my body over the next few months. It’s going to take some effort on my side. There are days when I’m certainly not feeling so hot, especially when people ask if I’m having twins. All that matters is that you’re healthy! Yeah shake that healthy butt!

I always say there aren’t too many problems you can’t dance away. And well everyone keeps saying Baby Awesome that you’re gonna come out dancing and giving me this extraordinary derriere is just more proof.

So this turned out to be a tale about my new tail than about you, but I’ll make you a deal. You promise to shake what yo’ mama gave ya’ and I’ll keep shaking what you gave me baby!
Love, your original rump shaker mama

Image Credit: Christina DeHoff

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