Amanda Eller found

Coming down from Haleakala after a morning hike to Rainbow Bridge, we listened to Trevor Hall’s song, “Haleakala.” Amanda introduced me to his music that day. It was one of those days that the clouds stayed away long enough for us to get a peek of Maui from the top of the crater. When I think of Amanda, I think of this moment. When I listen to Trevor Hall’s “Everything I Need,” I remember Amanda and her yoga classes. She brought her knowledge of physical therapy to help the body and her spiritual knowing to feed my soul in her classes.

There are so many words to describe how amazing Amanda is. Her friends describe her as compassionate, insightful, a seeker of knowledge with humble strength. She is love and she is light. Amanda was known to offer treatment to patients who required attention free of charge when they couldn’t afford services. Chrystal says, “She is guided by spirit, a selfless lightworker who gives love unconditionally,” while Laurie says, “Amanda is a beautiful soul. I was always gravitated to her side, when in her presence.”

When Jenn met Amanda in a Kundalini Yoga training, she said that Amanda introduced her to reiki, more Kundalini and helped her with her healing touch. Amanda opened doors to a new spiritual way of living. She became a great friend and mentor to Jenn. Now that she is missing, Jenn has been seeing dragonflies and butterflies that remind her of Amanda’s essence. She is grateful for Amanda helping her to heal and grow spiritually.

Jasmine says that Amanda is one of the reasons that she still teaches yoga. When she was considering giving it up after a challenging yoga teacher training, Amanda gave her positive feedback and reminded her of her true dharma on this planet. When she’s having a difficult time, she remembers Amanda’s kind words and knows she is on the right path. Amanda does this for everyone she cares about.

Kyla speaks of a time they were at the Jai Dev Kundalini workshop together and both were moved to tears when sitting for a meditation to open the heart center. It was a guided meditation to send deep compassion to all sentient beings. Amanda was an eager student on a strong spiritual path and Kyla is forever grateful their paths crossed.

There are so many stories of Amanda’s greatness. She is unforgettable and so loved. Amanda’s kindness and friendship got me through many rough moments as she helped me realize my fullest potential and true worth. She is light and she is love!

(This was submitted two days before Amanda was found.)

Dr. Amanda Eller, a 35 year-old Maui physical therapist and yoga instructor, went missing on the morning of May 8, 2019. She was found 16 days later, after being in the jungle in a deep gulch. Amanda took several turns during her hike and was unable to return to her car, despite her tireless efforts and night spent in the cold forest. From then on she was lost. Family, volunteers, and friends came together on Monday, May 27, 2019 to celebrate Amanda’s return. MAHALO!

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Christy Chadwick lives on Maui, via St. Louis, from Colorado and Wyoming. She finished graduate school at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis with a Masters in Deaf Education, specializing in Listening and Spoken Language. She moved to the island to teach. Much of her time is spent with her dog, a black lab named Ruby and her cat, Bella. She loves to explore the outdoors and get into nature. She teaches yoga and is an advocate for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Her passion for children and education are fulfilled by this work and she is happy to share it with whomever will listen. You can follow more on this issue and get your questions answered at her FB awareness page called Hawaii Hears or email her at


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