Mauimama front cover fall 2020

What a crazy few months! For many of us life has been turned upside-down with job furloughs, distance learning, family losses, and unravelled plans… and there is still no end in sight! 

Leadership is critical during this time and with the November elections we need to vote like our future depends on it! There is a lot at stake and fortunately we have some good candidates to choose from and good Charter Amendments on the ballot (see page 6 and 7) we can vote YES for to create positive change. 

This issue officially marks the 9th birthday of The Mauimama! I am fortunate I can still produce this magazine through these times, a time when support and inspiration is needed more than ever. Therefore, this issue highlights community support and women making a difference. 

One former Maui mama stepped up with her call to action (see page 29) after her mama bear instincts kicked in to protect her community and stand up against brutality. A Maui mama created a FB page to support our community with distance learning (see page 23), another has created a podcast to support us through motherhood (see page 25), while a teacher has stepped up to offer at home dance classes (see page 12).

This pandemic has given opportunities for parenting support tools to be created (see page 4), but has also heightened stress and created shadow pandemics (see page 5). October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and October 15th is the day that is nationally recognized as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (see page 20). These topics are often not discussed in the open, but I want to bring them to light as a crucial step to healing.

2020 really has been a doozy. It’s seems fitting that we will experience a full moon on Halloween (see page 13 for Halloween during COVID tips) and fingers crossed we don’t need to use the tips on page 14 for the second half of hurricane season. Sometimes just thinking about what we want to make for dinner (see page 28) can be a COVID rabbit hole and it’s good to be reminded from time-to-time that being empathic can be a superpower instead of a burden (see page 8), especially with all the turmoil going around.

So, here’s to better days. And getting support when we need it!

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