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I have always seen myself as a silver haired midwife. A long thick braid trailing down my back as my wrinkled hands help to welcome a new soul into the world, during the dark pre-dawn hours of the morning, that birth seems so comfortable taking place in. This has been my vision of self ever since I can remember. Reflecting back, it may not have even been a vision, but a memory of something I witnessed very young. You see, I was raised by a midwife. All of my aunties were midwives. Pregnant bellies, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, home birth, babies, yonis, and placentas, my childhood was immersed in these subjects. Structuring trust in my body, in my sister’s bodies, that we are strong, we are whole, we are powerful beyond measure, able to bring children happy and healthy into this world. This was, and remains today, my highest truth.

It was not until I became a woman myself that I realized my upbringing was unique. That my girlfriends were not raised in an environment that cherished and supported our yonis and the life they can bring forth. I went to midwifery school, surely the women there had been raised as I was raised. But no, I sat in circle with a group of powerful women working to bring conscious birth into homes. Not because they were raised with that belief, but because they fought to understand the knowledge of their bodies and wombs. They had prayed, studied, and worked to gain their power and help other women to achieve it. They supported me to achieve it, in a deeper way then ever before.

It was in those midwifery circles, talking about conscious conception, natural pregnancy and our right to orgasmic birth that I became inspired to share this format of communication with other women. Daughters, mothers, sisters, aunties, and grandmothers sitting in circle sharing experiences, learning, and asking questions, becoming empowered together.

This is where the first seed for Village Meetings sprouted. A space held for a few hours every month where we learn from each other and local practitioners share their knowledge. A place where we talk story, and meet other women in our community experiencing the same things. An environment where we feel connected as a community, becoming part of a bigger movement, a feeling we can bring back into our homes creating stronger ohanas. Now is the time for such circles and gatherings. Let’s support sisterhood and community, becoming the best mothers, sisters and partners we can be. Let’s discuss our views on conception, pregnancy, ultrasounds, massage, prenatal yoga, nutrition, home birth, hospital birth, circumcision, vaccines, and everything in between. Please join me, for we all know, “It takes a Village”.

Village Meetings Maui

Image Credit: Janice Fransisco

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