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We are living in an era of women claiming their rightful place in society, not just in politics or in the workplace, but spiritually, standing up and standing together with a voice that is diverse, powerful, unifying, justice oriented and empowering. We are taking back our bodies, minds and our healing. Our bodies, that have been abused, exploited, used and discarded by advertising and media. Our minds, that have been trained to think negatively about our bodies, our beauty, and our self worth. And our healing, which we have been so distanced from and distracted with pharmaceuticals that natural remedies and practices have been disregarded and lost. One such practice is Vagina Steaming, V-steam or steaming for short.

V-steam is an ancient healing art practiced by midwives before the dawn of gynecology and western child birth methods that are prevalent today. It is still practiced all over the world, especially in places like Asia, Africa, and Central & South America, and we are now beginning to see a reemergence of it in the western world. 

Steaming is a healing practice that uses steam, in combination with herbs, to help heal and vitalize the perennial area of a woman during the postpartum period. Steaming can shrink swollen tissue, disinfect/heal tears or stitches, shrink the uterus, cleanse afterbirth matter and lochia, aid in prolapse issues, stop bleeding, and some even claim it helps with baby weight. It has also been proven to be beneficial in regulating periods (shorting/lengthening periods, absence of periods), PMS, cramping, shrinking cysts and fibroids, infections, regular maintenance and cleaning of the vagina, tightening skin for sexual pleasure, increasing fertility, and help clearing the uterus after a miscarriage. 

During the steam the woman sits on a box or chair with a hole cut out in the middle. The steam comes up through the hole opening the pores (vaginal tissue is the most absorbent in the body) and allows the properties of the herbs to enter the blood stream in that area, directly affecting the reproductive system. Steaming helps oxygenate the blood, increases circulation and detoxes the tissues, aiding in the internal/external cleansing of the membranes and tissue. 

Steaming is a wonderful way to take care of yourself, to accelerate your healing, to connect with your inner Goddess and feel like you are practicing a relaxing, loving way of nurturing the very thing that is the center of our female, creative power.

Image Credit: Razi Wilson

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Razi Wilson is a Mama of 3 boys, photographer, natural remedy lover, Doterra oil rep, home-birth mama, spiritually inspired, v-steam practitioner. Striving to enrich community by bringing people together. Call 415 341 6814 for more information or to book a v-steam appointment.


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