Tamara Paltin Terez Amato

Great women in politics are coming out in force to take Maui in a new direction. Two Maui mamas in particular, both environmentally conscious (endorsed by the Sierra Club), are running for office to better our children’s future:

Terez Amato, Hawaii State Senate candidate District 6 (South and West Maui) raised on Maui and single mother of four is committed to “Working for the People”. Refusing to take money from corporations and lobbyists (who she believes have hijacked our political system) Terez Amato strongly states, “Maui is not for sale! Hawaii does not belong to corporations… the people of Maui do not have to compromise their jobs, their health, their environment or their children’s future, just so corporations can make a buck!”

Amato believes strongly in supporting Maui’s families, workers and local businesses, fighting for clear food labeling, improving our schools, and working to protect us from toxic corporate abuses.

Tamara Paltin, candidate for Mayor has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Education and after working as a county ocean safety officer throughout the past four administrations, is also ready to take the County of Maui in a new direction. She has witnessed our leader’s lack of focus on solutions and a bias accountability towards special interests. She will also not be influenced by big money.

Paltin believes that solutions can be found through collaboration. Collaboration-Solutions- Change. She feels that the mindset of ’win-lose’ needs to shift to ‘win-win’ and with integrity and a little creativity she believes we can reinvest in our people through ‘community’ based economic development. Her goal is to help educate, engage and empower our community to create economic prosperity without sacrificing the beauty and aloha that we all love.
Unfortunately, if you are up to date with what is happening on Maui, you will know that there is too much at stake in this election to sit back and do nothing. We are at a crossroads and we have the power to make big changes. So let’s get out there in force and make a difference.

Image Credit: Tamara Paltin & Terez Amato

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