Stephanie Clifton Art

I Love and Honor my Body… my Transport.

I Listen to its needs.

I Know when it’s in danger.

This is my Soul Responsibility.

I am Grateful for the Time it has Given me.

I am Grateful for all that it Teaches me.

I am Grateful to Walk

and Rest in it’s Warm Presence

and to Feel the JOY that it Gifts me.

Day In Day Out.

Thank You for each and every moment,

Dear Body, That You House my Spirit and

Allow me the Experience of All my Feelings,

Emotions and Senses.

Today I Will Treat YOU with the Utmost Respect.

Image Credit: Stephanie Clifton

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Artist of Life ~ JoyDreamHer ~ Truth and Clarity SeekHer. Through imagery, words, the garden, and relationships of every kind, Stephanie experiments and challenges the status quo. Forever inviting a new way of seeing living and being into Her World. Through the practices of art making, photoing, gardening and as many forms of creative loving and living possible, she comes to know herself deeper and LEARNS how better to support and serve herself, and Others… through Reflection. The BEST piece of the puzzle she feels she has learned is that there are no mistakes and that she can change her mind at any time. She aims to release patterns that hold her in a fixed place which leads her to meet her kindest and healthiest self… one that aims towards a more full-filled and joyful life. “I feel very strongly about the practice of Self Love says Stephanie. It feels to me THE KEY. “Sweet Talk to Me”, the name of a painting and a realization is her Mantra. The JoyDreamHer simply says, "Life is a Dream and JOY is the Purpose!!! Never the End.” She is always GLAD to meet fellow Joydreamers in Her Journey through Life! Join her IF you will!!!


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