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I love to sing! It is my medicine and without it I can go a little coo-coo. I am lucky enough to find this outlet for self-expression every Tuesday where I sing my heart out with a bunch of other great musicians. It is a huge RELEASE to rock me some blues! So when Sabrina Werkmeister, who is a professional life coach and self-care expert, submitted an article it sang true and I wanted to share it with you. I know how much this outlet of play and creativity helps keep me sane and want to encourage anyone who doesn’t have an outlet, to find it. It works wonders!

Please take it away Sabrina… “Many of us have forgotten how to be playful and creative due to the demands of being a good mom. You might not be in touch anymore with your own desires, with what gives you joy and makes you happy. Your needs often end up on the bottom of your to-do list.

We all know how it feels to give from an empty cup and we know that it is time to take also good care of ourselves, the same way we do of our children. Eating well, getting enough sleep- often easier said then done, giving ourselves time to breath and to relax, and getting some exercise is not always easy, but essential for everybody’s health and well being.

As important it is to smile and laugh! Smiling and laughing produces happiness and well being on every level. Wake up in the morning and begin your day with a smile. Hug and kiss your children often, express your love and allow yourself to be loved by them. And we all long to be more joyful and creative!

One of the many gifts our children bring to us is the opportunity to be more playful and explore our creativity while simultaneously encouraging theirs.
As a mom, a great way to nurture or reconnect with who you are is the re-engage in a creative activity you haven’t tried in a while- or start something new. Try to think ‘outside the box’.

Don’t worry about doing something well or the outcome, just enjoy yourself without judgment and trust yourself. Creativity and the process of being creative are different for each of us. Do it for the joy it brings to you!

Think of a time in your past when you felt most open to life, most passionate and alive. Listen to your favorite music, dance, get out painting and drawing materials from your kids and just start playing with it. Reconnect with your inner child and your innocence. Give yourself permission to be Yourself- because everyone else is already taken.”

Nice last line! You can learn more about what Sabrina has to offer on page 10. I hope you all have a fun Easter, especially with those big egg hunts. You can get creative here and it doesn’t always have to involve chocolate and candy. And most of all enjoy!

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