Toxic Home Tips

We are the gatekeepers of our home. Parenthood is the fast lane for learning all the ways to support and protect our children. Making sure our children are eating nutrient dense organic foods is a good place to start. This allows their bodies to grow correctly without added hormones and pesticide buildup in their systems.

But, there are also numerous additives to our everyday household items which are detrimental to our and our children’s wellbeing. Synthetic colors and fragrance are two major toxins.

Synthetic colors are found in personal care products like bath gel, toothpaste and shampoo. They have been linked to ADHD, hyperactivity, hypersensitivity and tumors of the brain, kidneys, bladder and immune system.

Synthetic fragrance is a serious problem. Many chemicals are used in “fragrance”. They have deleterious effects on children’s health. Headaches, respiratory difficulties, asthma, eye, nose and throat irritation, nausea, forgetfulness, and loss of coordination can all be caused by chemicals hidden behind the word “fragrance”. Fragrance is found in personal care products like shampoo, body wash, and in scented candles. Cleaning products and laundry soap and even toys can have fragrance in them. Dryer sheets are viewed by many as highly toxic, as are room and air fresheners like Febreze and plug-ins. Things that say non-scented can often have scent suppression chemicals to make it not smell.

The #2 cause of death in the United States is cancer. Over 1,600 people a day die of this disease. 1 in 3 cases are directly linked to poor diet, physical inactivity, or chemical exposure. The American Cancer Society says only 5 -10 percent of all cancer cases are from gene defects. Meaning 90 to 95 percent are under our control!

It is time to kick chemicals out and create a better future for our children. You control what you allow within the walls of your home. You have the choice to raise your family in a non-toxic environment.

The following are four great tips to lighten the toxic load in your home:

1. Look for genuine USDA organic seal on food and products.

2. Read labels. Can you pronounce the ingredients? If you can’t, you probably don’t want it in or on your children’s body.

3. Look for products that are synthetic color and fragrance free. Avoid FD&C dyes like Blue, Yellow, Green and Red. One synthetic fragrance can hide hundreds or even thousands of chemicals. Be aware of “unscented” as that may have chemical scent suppressors.

4. Make DIY products using genuine therapeutic grade essential oils from a company like Young Living or buy their essential oil infused products. They have an entire nontoxic line with plant-based household cleaner, personal care products, hand soaps, dish soaps, laundry soaps, nontoxic shampoos, lotions and more. Their Thieves Household cleaner is one of the best on the market!

I feel at peace and empowered knowing we have safe options that support my children’s bodies throughout their life. I love supporting their immune systems with high grade clean oils, helping their respiratory systems with blends such as SniffleEase, and having an abundance of natural options for everything childhood can come up with.

Image Credit: Hallelujah Duncan

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Born on Maui and raised from age 16 on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Hallelujah Duncan now lives in Upcountry Maui with her wonderful husband Ian, her three beautiful daughters Ruth, Rose and Rowan and her father Craig. She is passionate about supporting the health of her family and friends with Nutrient Dense Real Foods and a nontoxic lifestyle with Young Living Essential Oils. Any questions for Hallelujah? You can reach her at


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