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Na’iwa is a bright three year old Maui girl who was birthed at home in Wailuku with the help from midwife Tina. She was in preschool at Montessori school in Makawao, and loves to play at the beach, sing, and draw.

Na’iwa was always healthy and strong, but in the first few days of February 2016 she began having unmanageable high fevers hitting 106 F. She was admitted to Kapi’olani Children’s Hospital on February 29th, after weeks of testing, a bone scan and CAT scan, where they finally discovered that Na’iwa had a bone infection in her head, and a subperiosteal abscess pushing on the dura of her brain.

Na’iwa immediately had surgery that day to remove the discovered mass of fluid in the bone, and was put on medication therapy to begin treatment. She spent two more weeks in the hospital on O’ahu. In mid March she was discharged to home health care with a central line to her heart for long-term intravenous treatment. Na’iwa completed 5 weeks of therapy and endured constant blood work and a complication with her central line. After returning to O’ahu on April 5th for a brain MRI and a venous scan, the family were notified that the abscess was unfortunately still there. Na’iwa was put back on 4 more weeks of medication therapy.

Throughout this journey Na’iwa has been incredibly brave and cheerful, and was awarded Hero of the Month at Kapi’olani Hospital for her strength and joy throughout treatment. 

Due to caring for her daughter and time spent on Oahu, Alea who is a single mother pursuing a degree in Nursing at UH Maui college, has been unable to work since February and has had to withdraw from school. A dear friend has set up a GO FUND ME account titled, “3 year old Na’iwa Eyre From Maui” to help raise funds. Money  raised will be used for Na’iwa’s medical bills and flights back and forth to O’ahu for care. Anything extra will be used to support her during recovery while her mom cannot work. The Fundraising effort kindly asks for any support you can give and your prayers during this difficult time.

“Alea is an amazing mom and person who is going through this ordeal with maturity and strength far beyond most people twice her age. The financial burdens however that she is facing are huge…. Please help if you can!”

For more information please go to It takes a village and together we can help this Maui little one and mother through this.

Thank you for keeping Na’iwa in your thoughts.

Image Credit: Go Fund Me

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