Coping labor final trimester

The following is a list of things recommended to do in your last trimester:

• Sit in a flat-footed squat at least once per day.

• Drink one Quart of Red Raspberry Leaf tea per day.

• Walk daily, a mile is nice.

• Develop a partnership with your baby. Encourage head down and facing left or right hip, chin tucked. Visualize your baby getting ready to send out the signal to begin labor. Sit and lay in “belly down” positions, do cat/cow often to align baby perfectly for quicker labor.

• Practice surrender and pain coping. If you stub a toe or find yourself tense, breathe to the place you feel pain or tension. (Pain is transformed when you understand what is happening and focus your breathing).

• Attend a couples birth preparation class and watch a breastfeeding video or attend a class.

• Find a pediatrician or general practitioner/ND for your baby.

• Research circumcision.

• Research vaccination schedule or vaccination alternatives, if you have decided not to vaccinate.

• Understand 3rd trimester tests.

• Stay healthy by being conscious of your food choices.

• Prepare and freeze simple dinners.

• Install car seat securely.

• Make sure all of your home birth supplies are in one place and/or pack your hospital bag. Have on hand labor friendly foods. Yogurt and fruit, a sandwich for your partner, coco water/recharge.

• Play with your early labor. Take a walk on the beach. Bake some cookies. Ignore the clock. Rest, hydrate and eat. See if laying down or getting in the bath slows the sensation or increases it.

• Once labor is for certain, maintain your privacy, turn phones off, “Feel Your Feet on the Ground and Do Nothing Extra.” Your team is there to keep you safe and give encouragement, all you need to do is let your body open and release your baby • Remember, “A small smile enhances your breathing.” And try to keep a positive (and possibly ecstatic) attitude!

Image Credit: Kristina Statler

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