Maui youth theater program

Theatre Vitale! is coming to town! Picture a large wooden wagon with brightly colored banners rolling in. It is carrying a troupe of players resembling mimes, orators, acrobats, jugglers and magicians ready to put on a show. The atmosphere is full of wonder and possibility. These enthusiastic players are your children and they have a story to tell.

Theatre Vitale! is a fun, energetic approach to a total theater experience where children create and tell their own stories from their point of view in a lively, positive, sky-is-the-limit imaginative way that begins an adventure into the extraordinary.

A Theatre Vitale! class involves theater games and exercises that build acting skills (imagination, concentration, improvisation, transformation, vocal delivery) as well as dance and martial art components that bring the body and how it speaks into full play; a full-bodied creative experience that is Alive! and shared by all. The class moves from exercises and challenges into story circles and then to games, keeping energies balanced and members engaged.

A big part of the Theatre Vitale! program is the cooperation and vitality of the group working and playing as a team, the Company. Members develop characters and share ideas as they build their skills and the story into a script. It is both work and play that lead ultimately into performance levels and staged productions where members have the fun of costuming and props as well as the opportunity to experience the stage and share their talents with the community.

Come! Check out a class, observe or your children can jump right in and take a class. Classes are ideal for 7-12 year olds, on Thursdays from 4:15-5:15 at WisdomFlowYoga studio, 95 Makawao Av. in Pukalani. There’s lots of room to move and possibilities for all.

Margherita Pappas is the Theater Vitale! director. You can email her at or call 808 876-0093.

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