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Couponing in Paradise – Maui is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and unfortunately for us, beauty comes with a price. We pay more here for everyday items as nearly everything is shipped, and normally to Oahu first. Gas prices have increased these fees and in turn increased the already inflated price of products even more. So last year I got pro-active and started using coupons and loyalty cards to help decrease my monthly grocery bill by 25% or more. My grocery bill went from $500.00 per month to $300.00 – $350.00!

I was amazed at how many great saving opportunities there are around Maui once I started looking. These are just a few that that I found:
• Orange Leaf Froyo in Kahului has an Ounce Back Card that accumulates how much yogurt you purchase and you earn points toward free yogurt
• TJ’s Warehouse in Wailuku has a membership card and you earn points for every dollar you spend, they also send you coupons.• Foodland’s Maika’I Card- earn a Maika’I Reward w/ every $250.00 spent
• Genki Sushi in Maui Mall has a punch card – collect 5 stamps & get 1 free black plate
• Times Super Market posts weekly Monday deals on their Facebook Page
• Ace Rewards Program- earn 10 points for every $1 you spend
• You should always ask for Kama’aina specials at stores and restaurants too.

Where can you find coupons?
You can find coupons in the Sunday StarAdvertiser and once a month in the Sunday Maui News. If you have a favorite brand, you can also go to their website as sometimes manufacturers offer coupons directly from here. You can also find coupons on Facebook Pages such as:
• Naked Juice
• Skinny Cow
• Emergen-C
• Garnier

And many more! Sometimes you might even get to snag some free samples too! I would recommend starting off with baby steps, clipping coupons for items you already use. A great place to get started without having to clip any coupons is Safeway. If you register your Safeway Club Card online you can load coupons straight onto your card. Safeway will also personalize items at special prices based on your purchase history. You could score a deal like 18 count eggs for $1.99, I got that deal during the holidays – what a score!

I have been so impressed by how much I have saved I started a blog to help share the blessings with others and also to keep connected with those who have taken my coupon classes, which I now teach. Don’t be fooled by the “Extreme Couponers” on TV. There are a lot of behind the scenes fabrication “smoke & mirrors” that we don’t see on TV. You can’t get everything for free, but you can see significant savings on your grocery bill. You can visit my blog to learn more about couponing on Maui where I also post printable coupons that I find and think will help other mamas. I love the hunt of a great deal so couponing for me is an adventure that is both rewarding, gratifying and saves me a bunch of money!

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Luana Palakiko Fukumoto is the Maui mama of 2 boys. She has been a work at home mom for 7 years, first as a day care provider and now as a home business owner making tutus, which she sells in kihei on 4th Fridays and craft fairs. With a friend she created the Maui Mompreneur Network and put together the Mompreneur Showcase.