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During my early twenties I traveled around the world, experiencing many new things. It was during this time that I discovered amber and fell in love with this amazing natural wonder! This love guided my travels through Europe and then to the Baltic Sea region. I explored hundreds of shops and museums to learn all I could about my new favorite ‘stone’. I went ‘crazy’ and spent all my money on the best quality amber I could find.

What is Natural Baltic Amber?
Baltic Amber is a fossil resin produced by ancient pine trees, which grew in Northern Europe, around the Baltic sea as long as 200 million years ago (most specimens are between 40 & 60 million). As the climate warmed the conifer trees began exuding large amounts of resin and as the millennia progressed, these exudations became fossilized. Pieces of amber, naturally torn from the Baltic Sea floor, are carried ashore by waves and collected at ebb-tide.

Baltic amber has been highly prized for millenniums. The ancient Nordic peoples, as well as the Celts, Mediterranean peoples, Arabs, Egyptians and the Chinese all treasured the amber. Amber gems were not only valued for their unique beauty but also for their healing and protective qualities. As Amber warms against the skin, it releases its therapeutic properties safely and naturally. This electrostatic property is what makes it work so well as a healing agent and it has been respected for its ability to produce negative ions, which help to ease pain and stimulate the healing process. Amber is also said to provide protection from harmful radiation emitted from computers, cell phones, microwave ovens and electrical devices*.

Amber is a natural analgesic (pain reliever) and possesses anti-inflammatory properties, so is often used to ease joint pain. It also acts as a natural antibiotic and has a long history of use in healing wounds. Tinctures are touted in Russia and other European countries for its youth preserving and cell rejuvenating properties. It was revered as a medicinal substance, and was the main ingredient in many healing elixirs through the ages. Today it is commonly used in anti-aging formulations and to aid recovery of cancer patients*.

Properties of Succinic Acid
Baltic Amber has high concentrations of a unique substance known as succinic acid. This powerful antioxidant helps eliminate free radicals and discourages disruptions of the cardiac rhythm. Succinic acid has been shown to stimulate neural system recovery and bolster the immune system. It helps restore strength and energy to the entire body and enhances brain function, thereby improving awareness, concentration, reflexes, and reducing stress*. Succinic acid is commercially produced, widely used and approved for use by the United States Food & Drug Administration.

Amber teething necklace for babies
An Amber teething necklace is a traditional baby teething remedy. A natural analgesic, amber has been used for centuries in Europe. Wearing amber close to the skin can help calm a baby while the natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of Natural Baltic Amber are perfect to soothe teething babies*.

You can get beautiful and exceedingly well made Baltic Amber necklaces, here on Maui. They come to us directly from a trusted 3rd generation family (who I met on my travels), who have expertise in Natural Baltic Amber and also in making jewelry from the amber they collect on the beaches. Each piece is knotted to ensure safety. They come with directions and please know to supervise your children while wearing a necklace.

Where to buy one: Mana Foods – Vitamin Department and the Wednesday Makawao Farmers Market at Po’okela Church. Look for this and other Natural Body Care Products & Perfumes from Sol Flower Botanicals in the Market Place.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, consult a Doctor.

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