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As more parents look for natural and organic alternative for their baby, the cloth diaper options and designs have multiplied!

Here’s a list of terms to help you become a cloth diaper pro…

Absorbency Options (pee catcher)
1. Insert or Soaker Pad – A contoured or rectangle shaped pad that attaches to, or slides into, a diaper.
2. Prefold -Picture a 3 lane highway with a thicker middle lane. Now make that cloth that can be folded in many different ways. Needs pins, Snappi or a cover.
3. Flat Fold – A thin, singlelayered and large rectangle of cloth that you can fold many ways.
4. Doubler – An additional Insert that can be attached or layered for more absorbency.
5. Diaper or Fitted – fastens with hook & loop or snaps. Needs a Cover.
6. Contour Diaper – A Diaper with or without elastic, snaps or hook & loop for fastening. Needs pins, Snappi or cover to hold it in place.
7. Liner – A thin layer, usually of microfleece, that lays next to baby’s skin and makes cleaning up poopy
super easy.

Moisture Resistant Options (the part that keeps baby’s clothes and bedding dry)
1. PUL Cover – A cover that fastens with snaps or hook & loop, made from fabric laminated on one side (hidden in the diaper) to prevent leaks and usually lined with microfleece or suede-cloth.
2. Wool Cover – AKA Longies, Soaker Shorts. Can have snaps or hook & loop but are most often pull on style.
3. Pocket Diaper – A PUL cover with an opening between the outer and inner layers (the pocket) so that an Insert can be “stuffed” inside.
4. AIO – All-In-Ones are no assembly required; it’s one piece. No cover needed.
5. AI2 – An AIO except the Absorbent part detaches from the main body for better cleaning and faster drying.
6. One Size – Fits from birth to potty. Can be AIO, AI2, or Pocket Diaper.

So, how do you know what you want?

It pays to try out a few different kinds of diapers to decide what you like before investing money. Before I completed the One Fit (one-size) design, my go-to daytime diaper was the Shell with Trifold combination; it is simple, washes well and dries fast. Now, I use the One Fit because it has all the features I like combined into one diaper: trim, hidden snaps, rolled leg casings, awesome leak protection, fi ts all sizes, reusable cover, and easy to clean. For nighttime, I’ve always preferred Fitted with a wool cover. Wool is naturally moisture resistant, antimicrobial, breathable and, yes, soft! However, The One Fit with a Bulletproof Insert also works excellently!

It’s never too late to switch to a greener lifestyle! Luxurious, organic cloth isn’t only for baby, either; have you heard about cloth pads for you…?

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