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It’s crazy, but I am still enjoying cloth diapering after ten years!

In the beginning, all the different brands were overwhelming. I got frustrated; buying cloth diapers should be easy! So instead of trying to find the perfect diaper, I designed one instead. Soon other moms began wanting them, and I turned a hobby called Baby Honu Gear into a solid business called Lilia Designs. As a mom of four, It is very rewarding to help other mamas and babies with cloth!

Last month, we discussed “Why cloth?”. Here, we’ll talk about “How”.
How many diapers do I need?

Newborns go through about 18 diapers EACH day. From 3 months on, your baby will begin to regulate to 12 diapers, then around 9 diapers at 9 months, and down to about 6 from 12 months on. You’ll want to buy a minimum of 18 diapers to do cloth diapering full time from birth. There are so many kinds of diapers! How do I choose?

The options and designs are practically endless. So, before you get overwhelmed with all the variations, hop over to our Getting Started With Cloth page for a step-by-step guide.

How do you wash them?
Washing cloth diapers can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Some moms have a system involving bucket soaking, etc…, and it works well for them. The thought of a bucket full of sopping wet, stinky diapers makes me shudder, so I have a “dry pail”.

Here’s what I do: Dump solids in toilet. Use toilet paper for removing most solids. Store in bucket. Every 2-3 days, do a load of wash.
1. Rinse with 1C white vinegar. (strips the uric acid – pee smell – from the diapers)
2. Normal wash with eco-friendly soap (like Rockin’ Green).
3. Extra rinse or second wash with ½ the soap.
4. Line dry or Dryer. Every month, I use Funk Rock for a wash boost.

How do you use cloth away from home? Made to safely and discreetly carry damp, smelly things, wet bags are awesome! I designed a convenient hanging bag that converts to a travel size. Selfishly, it’s the gorgeous print and color options that make cloth so fun. On a higher level, I feel good knowing I am doing my small but important part to care for Earth and saving a good chunk of money by using breathable, organic diapers on my baby’s bum!

If you have questions about using cloth, contact me!

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