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It is a very ancient tradition in all cultures and religious traditions to appreciate and use precious crystals and gemstones in rituals, healing, in amulets or talismans. Nowadays many of us, not only a chosen few, have access to gemstones and crystals. I am sure you have some in your home and enjoy them.

You might be using crystals and gemstones in three different ways: as precious objects of beauty around the house, for your meditation practice and inner focus, or wearing them on your body in the form of jewelry.

The Signature of Gemstones
Each gemstone is associated with specific planets. And each gemstone has a personal “signature”—specific metaphysical qualities, based on their crystal structure, color, clarity, chemical composition and light reflection. Based on your chart you will have 12 main healing gemstones which will be your true birthstones and represent your own individual blue print for life. Today I want to talk a little about one special friend for all mothers and children – the Moonstone which is mainly associated with the Moon, Venus and Neptune principles.

Moonstone: Teacher for Your Life Journey
I am fascinated by the Moonstone and its qualities. This stone represents the high priestess from Avalon, the carrier and teacher of mysteries, the caring sister and the nourishing mother. The Moonstone nourishes and balances the emotional system. It soothes your hurts and wounds. Its mysterious beauty speaks to your unconscious. It transmits peace, connects you with the eternal wisdom of the heart and with the essence of who you are.

It connects you with your feminine side, a receptive state rather than constant action: it can help you reconnect with a state of “non-doing.” This is a place that is nurtured by your soul and guides you toward wisdom and the unfolding of your highest capacities and resources. The Moonstone helps you to relax into that inner guidance and have faith in the grace operating in your life. It teaches you about the journey of life, which is not a problem but a mystery to be lived.

The Moonstone is also a wonderful companion for your male friends, husbands, and lovers. It brings to males an element of the female spirit and helps them to connect more with their feelings without fearing them. It gives the warrior a heart with gentle feelings. Give the man in your life a big chunk of stone to carry in his pocket or to wear as a pendant over his heart.

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