Mauimama front cover issue 36

The Mauimama issue 36 Editorial

The rental market has got out of control! The short-sightedness of the business is destroying families and the fabric of Maui life as we know it. More and more families with young children are being out priced or discriminated against with landlords flat out saying no kids allowed. You are doubly screwed if you have kids and dogs! Add this on top of low inventory as more landlords take advantage of converting to short term rentals and the ease of airbnb, and more people wanting to make Maui their home (economics of demand and supply), prices have been unchecked and sky rocketing.

Solutions seem to be scarce. Unprofessional landlords, no regulation on rental pricing, development red tape, the notion that affordable housing starts at over $250,000 (you can’t even buy a decent 2 bedroom house for less than $425,000) are all factors. It is so sad to hear stories of families living in their car or couch surfing because they were given notice and couldn’t find a home in the allotted time. I get contacted at least twice a month from families and friends who are in need of housing. I was in the situation myself where it took my family 2 months to find a new rental. I was amazed at the outrageous prices and the discrimination against kids. I remember when a two bedroom was $800 now you are VERY lucky to get one for $1600. When looking for a rental you don’t even get in to see most places with many landlords saying they had received 40+ calls. And don’t get me started about HUD, which is meant to help low income families. So many landlords don’t even take it!

We are in a crises and I don’t hear any good solutions, but I know it is something we need to be talking about. We reached out to two council members (Chair and Vice-Chair of the Housing, Human Services and Transportation Committee) to see what was being done about the situation (see article on page 6). I also reached out on Fb to get responses from our community (see page 7). I know that Spencer Homes Inc has tried to build more affordable housing and I know that there are barriers to obtain water meters. But the solution is not just in development. Maybe educating landlords, rental caps and/or a stronger crack down on short term rentals again can help? Good luck, if you are trying to find a new home right now. I know it looks bleak and is stressful but hopefully the perfect home is waiting for you. Trust and keep up the vision.

I hope you enjoy this issue of The Mauimama and the information on these pages. I hope Orgasmic Birth helps demonstrate how a painful situation CAN turn to pleasure (if we know how) and the info on camps help make summer even more fun. I also hope you have a beautiful Mother’s day. And finally, I want to dedicate this issue and the new to Aunty Tina (Tina Garzero). I will be forever grateful for Tina, and she will be forever in the hearts of all those she helped during her life. We love you Tina! RIP.

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