Mauimama front cover issue 33

The Mauimama issue 33 – Editorial

We have the power this November to decide if public money can help families with tuition fees at private, non-profit preschools (see page 21). We have the power to require that some of the largest chemical companies in the world halt operation on Maui soil, until an Environmental and Public Health Impact Study is conducted and proves it is safe for our children and ’aina. We have the power…but, only if we decide to use it! Politics is often the furthest thing from our minds out here, and that is how we like it. But, this year is different. This year we have something very important to stand up for – Maui. And although we are notorious for low turnout at the polls, here’s hoping the energy of this year’s fire horse will empower us to stand up and charge forward with what we believe. If we unite we really can change things up to create a more sustainable and brighter future for our children.

Two people helping to lead this charge are Mauimama contributors and I couldn’t be prouder to call them my friends. They are inspirational to us all with how they have devoted these last few months either raising money ($75,000) for ads and educational material and/or to spending time sign waving, organizing community events and canvassing door to door to protect their (our) children. Both live downwind from the Monsanto fields. Autumn Rae Ness and Deb Mader get an honorable mention as kick a** Maui mamas!!!

As well as the historic GMO moratorium there are also a bunch of other great things coming up in the next two months. The Haleakala Waldorf Holiday Faire is on December 6th. This is one of the biggest and best fairs of the year (see page 31) and well worth attending! We also have the Holoholo Ka’a on November 2nd (see page 13), which is another favorite and great for little ones who love big vehicles!

There are also some things that have started up like the Maui Dad Blog (see page 25). Here you will find some great interviews by fathers on Maui. The awareness of chemicals in our environment is also growing. There is a great article on page 20 showing us how we can make our own play dough, paint and chalk to avoid unwanted toxicities. And my new favorite discovery is Sol Botanicals Skin Serum. No unwanted chemicals are found in this natural oil blend. I love it so much I asked Orius to write an article about it (see page 8). Treat yourself this Christmas. You are worth it!

I hope you all enjoy this issue and have a fun Thanksgiving and a beautiful Christmas. This year has galloped by and hopefully it will end with a lot of positive changes for our community. The kids are growing up way too fast but, if we can stay calm and centered (see page 4), nourished and healthy (see page 10), and happily relating (see page 24) we can surely enjoy the ride!


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