Mauimama front cover issue 18

The Mauimama issue 18 – Editorial

I’m not sure why just because you have pushed a human out of your hoohaa (or had one cut out of your belly, see page 19), that you are now free game for any one and their mother to give you advice. Granted great advice is priceless, but there are so many ways to do things that I believe the best way to choose what advice to accept is to follow the one that feels right to you.

It can be rough when someone is telling you what you are doing is wrong and that his or her way is better. This may be the case for them, but not necessarily for you. It is your own wisdom that will help you decipher. I guess what we have to remember is that they are only trying to help…
I like the belief that there are no mistakes made in life just lessons learned and opportunities to grow. However, I also believe that life can be made a lot easier with a little wisdom and some painful lessons can totally be avoided!

This Mauimama issue evolved from a slew of articles being submitted containing some great advice, which I thought would be good to share. There are some great pearls of wisdom, but just like anything it is what you do with it that will make the difference. Dr. Marsha Lowery shares information on how to help get our little ones to sleep (page 4), Meg Obenauf has some handy tips on how to get out of the house on time in the morning (page 29), Gaia Giakalli has comprised all of her favorite books to help guide us through pregnancy (page 18) and Jim Eberle is sharing advice on how we can qualify for financial assistance for our 4 year olds to go to preschool (page 23)… and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I particular love the lunar astrology article by Shakti this month. Thank-you Shakti for your inspiring light and guidance. 2013 here we come! Can you believe it is February already? With the year of the water snake, commencing February 10th, it is a great opportunity to read Shakti’s words, and any of the other advice/articles that resonates, and shed our old skins (just like the snake) and become who we truly want to be and create what we truly want to happen. Ancient wisdom claims that the year of the snake is believed to be prosperous and peaceful…yeah! It is a symbolic opportunity to lay down negative habits and old ways that are not serving us, and become who we have always believed we can be…Go mamas!

February is also the month of Valentine’s so don’t miss the GIVE AWAY on the Papa Page (2 tickets to ‘Ulalena), thank-you again Lizette. We all need a good date once in a while!

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Good luck I hope you all have a fun filled month and enjoy this issue of The Mauimama.

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