Mauimama front cover issue 23

The Mauimama issue 23 – Editorial

Summer is here! The full “super’ solstice moon welcomed summer in so brightly that unless you live in a lava tube, it was hard not to notice.

The coinciding of the supermoon (largest full moon of the year) and summer solstice was an amazing time energetically to let go of all things that don’t serve us and invite the good and inspirational in. I know ‘manifesting’ is an over used word, especially in my neck of the jungle, but I believe we have the power to create what we truly NEED. Geez, once you give birth to life, you realize you can create anything! It is very empowering!

Summer is a great time to have fun, connect, create and enjoy. The ocean is warmer, the south swells are bigger, the days are longer, the kids are out of school, and hopefully if you work, you can take some time off to go on a vacation or a staycation (check out article page 7).

For me, I love this time to re-connect with my two growing boys, especially now that my eldest is in school. Spending our days having fun adventures is great for everybody’s soul. One of my favorite things about being a mother, besides the crazy level of love, is the joy of teaching another human being about the joy of being a human being. Maui is such a beautiful place to do this. We are SO lucky we live Hawaii!

Summer is a great time to bloom, especially after a particularly long wet winter, well at least over here on the windward side. Summer is considered predominantly yang relating to excitement, assertiveness and creativity, making summer a great time to take action and form positive change (check out article on page 31). It is also a great season to be outdoors and connect with nature (check out article page 26) in gratitude of the warmer, dryer climate.

In Chinese medicine, summer is ruled by the fire element. Some negative side effects of this summer ‘heat’ can be sunburns (check out article page 8) and dehydration. So remember to refill on fluids, especially little ones, and breastfeeding mamas. Cool yin foods such as green vegetables, and lots of fruits are also recommended for these long hotter days.

The heart is also recognized to be the organ associated with this time of year (check out page 25), so open it up and let the good times in!

I hope you get to kick back this month, enjoy this issue of The Mauimama and enjoy spending time having fun with your little ones.

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