Mauimama front cover issue 25

The Mauimama issue 25 – Editorial

WHAT! I cannot believe that two years has gone by so fast. If you had a baby around the time the first issue came out you probably can’t believe it either. If the magazine was a child I would have a walking, talking ball of energy running around and tearing it up – yes, I have boys.

Volume Three is commencing. There will be a few changes with this volume. I am going to go bi-monthly in November. I want to spend more quality time with my littlest before he starts school and my ‘step’ daughter is having a baby on the mainland after Christmas. The plan is that I will be going out there to help – I am so excited but couldn’t do it if I had deadlines looming. I am hoping to go back monthly for volume 4 if that is the flow. I also want to create a book, during this cycle, out of all my favorite articles from the last two years, especially the birthing stories and Dear Aunty Tina’s. I think the information we are sharing with each other within these pages is useful to parents outside of Maui too. (I am starting to get requests from the mainland and Canada to mail out copies of The Mauimama, which is what gave me the idea).

So seeing as it is a birthday of sorts it is a good excuse to GIVE! I got my hands on an ergobaby carrier again so will be giving one away in honor of this small but big milestone.

I also have terme passes for the Spa Grande to delight two ladies or two dudes (you guys are welcome to enter too!) or a lady and a dude – but the spa is not co-ed so you wouldn’t be together. If you have never been to the Spa at the Grand Wailea it is the epitome of luxurious bathing. The eucalyptus steam room and redwood sauna alone (in the Hydrotherapy Terme Circuit) are heavenly but then add the specialty mineral baths, Japanese furo, cold plunge pools, Roman hot tub, cascading waterfall (massage shower), Swiss jet showers and complimentary body scrub it can feel like a slice of heaven. A high-end self-nurturing slice of heaven.

To learn more about these giveaways go to the Maui Mama Magazine Facebook page or email me to put your name in the ‘hat’.

I hope you enjoy this issue. No real theme evolved this month but lots of people coming together and offering their knowledge, advice and sharing their love for what they do. Maybe the theme is gifting as sharing knowledge can be the greatest gift you can give someone.

I hope you all have a fun September, enjoy the winding down of summer and don’t forget to gift yourself.

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