mauimama issue 38

Some say there is no such thing as coincidences. Every encounter, every circumstance is there to direct you on your path of self discovery; to align you with the ‘divine’ flow. Whether you believe this or not is a choice, but personally I like this concept.

It happened last night as I was wrapping up this issue. I love to plant seeds with The Mauimama. Seeds, I hope will find nourishment and grow into fruition. With this issue I want to plant the seed that this island can be sustainable, starting with our food. It baffles me why we import so much, when so much can be grown and harvested here. I am encouraged that others of like mind are consciously thinking that food security can be a possibility. That we have citizens flying to other countries to learn how this can be achieved (see article on page 6), although we only have to look at the island’s history to see that not long ago the people of the islands were totally sustainable.

Increasing demand of local produce, supporting Farmers Markets, and growing our own will encourage our relationship with, and support our local farmers. So here is where the coincidence or 100th  monkey comes into play, on August 25th the Maui County Council passed on first reading Bill 60 (2015), to make it easier for farmers to sell their products in roadside stands and farmers markets. Council member Elle Cochran proposed the resolution entitled, “REFERRING TO THE LANAI, MAUI, AND MOLOKAI PLANNING COMMISSIONS A PROPOSED BILL AMENDING CHAPTER 19.30A, MAUI COUNTY CODE, RELATING TO ROADSIDE STANDS AND FARMER’S MARKETS IN THE AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT.” The momentum is starting to roll!!!

This issue is promoting island sustainability and food independence, and it is also encouraging parents to not feel like an island (thanks Paul Simon for that reference) and to reach out and create a village (see article on page 4). There are so many community events and get togthers to partake in this season from Pumpkin Festivals and Paniolo nights, to Trunk o’ Treats and Fall Festivals. There are great activities to take our keiki to. I love the new Monkeypod Art Studio and everything that Auntie Coco & Kathleen are building over in Wailuku (see page 21).

There is a great community here if you want to tap into it. You are not alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Explore the new Mauimama website, if you haven’t already, at and find content from the last four years and much more! Yes, The Mauimama has turned FOUR. Happy Birthday Mauimama!

P.S. May all the Hurricanes pass us by, but see page 25, just to be prepared!

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