Mauimama front cover issue 30

The Mauimama issue 30 – Editorial

I can’t believe we are nearly half way through the year! Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you mamas out there get a well deserved day of rest and happiness. If you mention The Mauimama at Nectar Creations in Paia (organic cotton, hemp & bamboo clothing etc) in the month of May they will give you 10% off… woohoo! And also for the papas, Happy Father’s day for June. I hope all the wonderful daddies out there get showered with love and appreciation.

With that said this issue shines a light on something quite heavier. With two Maui mamas still missing, one of whom has been declared by MPD a homicide, the 30th issue tackles subjects regarding violence against girls and women. If you get the chance to read Stacey Moniz’s (Executive Director for Women Helping Women) article you will learn that the MPD receives over 5,000 calls each year relating to domestic violence, while Women Helping Women receive nearly 10,000 information calls! Unfortunately it is a real problem here on Maui with many far-reaching consequences.

For example, I would like to use this platform to share some of what a Maui mama posted on the Maui Mama Magazine FB page back in March. “I have given up on the system but I believe in community… I am a victim of domestic violence. My precious baby boy was born and raised on Maui. My baby is my life. I would give my life for him and I almost did… I don’t have a home or car… I have to completely reestablish myself as I had stopped working when my son was born and was a stay at home mom. All my savings were absorbed into taking care of my son and myself as financial withholding was part of the abuse he employed. I have already cashed in all my stocks to pay for the petition for protection that was granted and stripped away because I was outspent. My lawyer says I can expect this to run me about $20,000 as he is fighting me for and on everything. In a fair and just world, this would not be happening. He would not stand a chance in court. Today, however, he is at an advantage because he is financially stronger than me. Please help me take away this advantage. Please help me protect my baby.” She is fundraising on Gofundme and I am happy to say has already raised over $8,000. Her goal is $15,000. Please go to the Maui Mama Magazine FB page to see the link if you feel you can help. Together Maui mamas we stand! (Also see CHARLI ad hat below).

I hope you find this issue informative and know that there is a Mauimama community and support system out there if you need it. And whether you need advice tackling potty training, dealing with aggression in your little one or getting them ready for kindergarten I hope some of the other articles inside this issue help too. Good luck and Happy Mother’s Day!

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