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The Mauimama issue 10- Editorial

Last month it was reported by ABC news that a Colorado man went into a hospital for Kidney stones and while the nurse was reading his ultra sound they exclaimed, ‘Huh, this says you’re a female’. He was intersex, in that he had both male genitalia and also ovaries. He found this news very liberating, it made a lot of sense and now he felt validated that he could express his female side. When he told his six kids everyone one of them said, “We don’t care one way or the other. We love you for who you are and you’re still my dad.” While his wife’s response was “You know, when I first saw you, I said to myself, ‘He runs like a girl.’”

I love this story. I love that he found the missing puzzle to himself. I love that his wife totally embraced it and accepted him for who he was, ovaries and all, and I love that his children didn’t care, no matter what he had discovered about himself. He was their dad and they loved him!

Good Dads are amazing! When my boys were little babies I was fortunate that I had a partner who would help change diapers and help comfort them when they couldn’t sleep. THANK-YOU. Now that they are older he is the one teaching them baseball, and golf, and taking them to the movies and parks. I am grateful that he is able and willing to help in this way, and be there for our children. A father once told me, before he had children, he asked his friend (who already had kids), “What’s the most important thing for me to do as a dad?” He thought his friend would reply, “Love them unconditionally” but, his response was even better… “Be fully present for them!”

Father’s Day is now a universal phenomenon (which was not invented by Hallmarks like some suspect!). After researching the origins, I found the first observance was in Fairmont, West Virginia. 210 fathers who had lost their lives in a large coal mining disaster were honored in a ceremony on July 5th 1908. The organizer – Ms. Grace Golden Clayton called it “Father’s Day”, (she had also recently lost her own father). However, the credit could also go to Ms. Sonora Smart Dodd of Washington, as the inventor of the Father’s day we know today. She wanted to honor her father, a civil war veteran, and single parent of 6, in 1910. She initially suggested her father’s birthday – June 5th, but the celebration was deferred to the third Sunday of the month. It wasn’t until 1924, that the U.S. President Calvin Coolidge recommended the day be observed nationally. Now Father’s day is the day that tie retailers shout for joy across the nation, and lawn mowers are laid to rest for the day.

Happy Father’s Day!

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