Mauimama front cover issue 26

The Mauimama issue 26 – Editorial

With the year scurrying along Halloween is now just around the corner, and takes on a whole
new meaning after you have children. It’s fun, exciting and for small children who like to dress up as superman or a pirate all year long, it is the best night EVER!

Halloween is the inspiration for this issue’s theme. Among these pages you will find tips for what to do with all the candy, fun Halloween costume suggestions and on page 4 recommended local haunts for trick o’ treating. There are also many articles chosen because they are in some way shape or form sharing experiences. See the IVF related article on page 18 or the home birth that was not meant to be a home birth article on page 19. There are articles giving advice on how to prevent (see water safety article on page 7), or cope with surviving living nightmares (see child custody related article on page 29 or Foods that will help after the Fukushima Fallout on page 10). It is hopefully not an issue that brings you down, but an issue that will inspire, give you some tools to prevent or cope with some truly stressful situations and help you realize you are not alone.

This month and therefore this issue is also choked full of different festivals, classes and events, kicking off with the fair on Thursday the third. The following weekend on Saturday the 12th is the 7th annual Maui Children and Youth day in North Kihei at the Kenolio recreation complex. Last year there were lots of informational booths and activities great for the keiki.

The weekend after that is the Haku Baldwin Center’s Fall Harvest Festival up in Makawao on Sunday 20th, and then the weekend after that is the Haiku Elementary School Trunk or Treat on Friday the 25th and the wonderful Night of Delight at Haleakala Waldorf school on Saturday the 26th. This really is a treat but you do have to pre-purchase your tickets so I would recommend getting them now. It really is a magical night!

There is also the 3rd annual Early Childhood Development Conference rounding up the month, so good luck if you are signing up to go to all three that weekend. And don’t forget the women’s wellness retreat at Camp Ka’enae, also going on this month, which suddenly sounds even more relaxing and appealing!

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