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The Mauimama issue 29 – editorial

I hope 2014 is going well. I want to dedicate this issue’s editorial to a missing Maui mama. Her name is Charli Scott and she is now 6 months pregnant. My prayers also go out to the family of another missing Maui mama Mo Monsalve who disappeared a month prior to Charli. May all our hearts go out to these mothers and their families and let’s unite as a community to help bring them home. I now would like to give it over to Carrie .

If you haven’t heard the name Carly Scott, other wise known by her family and friends as “Charli”, then you must be living under a rock. Charli was last seen February 9, 2014 and is the second woman to have gone missing on Maui in the past month. Moreira “Mo” Monsalve was last seen January 12, 2014.

But I’m not writing about missing persons cases. These words are about Charli the person. Charli has worked at my salon for the last year and become such a part of our salon family that her absence has created a huge void. Charli is ‘caring’ personified. In a world where most people are only paying attention to themselves, Charli is always looking out for everyone else.

Charli does things for people with out ever being asked. If she notices our workday is busy she will show up unannounced and help. If we forget to bring lunch Charli knows what we like to eat and makes certain we have our favorite foods ready for our break. Charli is 27 and one of our younger women at Paragon but in a lot of ways she mothers us. Charli really knows how to take care of people; she pays attention to the little details in our lives and makes the day to day easier. Family and close friends of Charli’s all have similar stories about her helping them, caring for them, loving them, being there for them. When Charli Scott is your friend, your daughter, your sister, you know you have someone who loves you and will always be available for you day or night. She makes all the difference in the world to a LOT of people.

Charli is a few months away from completing her apprenticeship to be a hair stylist. Six months pregnant she plans is to have her baby Joshua Aiden Scott and take her state boards to become a licensed hair stylist before moving on to complete a full cosmetology license. She is very excited to be a mom and has a successful future to look forward to. Charli Scott is a profound animal lover, unicorn aficionado, cheesecake baker, pin up goddess, quick to laugh and full of smiles…

I cannot write this editorial without also acknowledging Mo Monsalve. I do not know her or her family but this being Maui and everyone is only once removed we share many of the same friends. I’m certain I speak for everyone when I say, this community bleeds for both of these women, their family, friends and loved ones. Please keep love and hope in your hearts and pray for their safe return.


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