Mauimama front cover issue 1

The Mauimama issue 1 – Editorial

I want to start by saying a big Aloha, congratulations and Mahalo. To you, for actually picking The Mauimama up and having the time to read it and to myself for finally getting off my derriere and making this happen. I would also like to thank Meg Obenauf for planting this seed of creativity and community service. The Mauimama has been a project long time coming and was born out of a necessity to have all the necessary information for parenting on Maui in one organized, easy to digest place.

We hope The Mauimama will be for the community by the community. An ohana that shares information about consciously living on Maui and raising the next generation. We are open to anyone who would like to submit articles or tips as it is our desire to spread the wealth of knowledge. It is also our desire to give local businesses, instructors and healers a voice and the opportunity to reach us mamas – the coconut wireless has landed! We want to give a platform to the local non-profits and government agencies too. They have the resources and information to help out if times are difficult financially or emotionally, or if our children need extra help or care with developmental or behavior hurdles.

We want to ride on that well flogged band wagon of social networking and help connect mama’s and babies. 5 months after my first son was born, I got together with some new mama friends, once a week. This friendship was priceless for my son and myself in the early days. It was invaluable to talk to friends who were going through similar experiences, at the same time as myself, and was a huge opportunity to share new parenting information.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, it is our hopes that The Mauimama can help start to build this village and be a vehicle that parents and experts can use to share their wisdom and connect – may you never feel alone navigating on this road of parenthood here on Maui.

Lastly it is our hope, and we all know the audacity of that, that The Mauimama will be conscious about the information we are imparting and encourage enlightened guidance, open hearted articles and support in our pages. We thank you for your kokua and truly aspire that The Mauimama serves you and everyone who has contributed well.

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