Mauimama front cover issue 34

The Mauimama issue 24 – Editorial

Aloha 2015! Happy New Year!

2014’s year of the horse raced by running full pelt with predicted uprisings and revolutions. Can we say a little yay for people power, especially for the monumental passing of the Yes vote on the GMO moratorium (although how that will end is yet to be decided). Entering into the Chinese year of the sheep/goat this February the results maybe looking up. The sheep is considered to be Yin energy, docile and a symbol of peace, so if you follow Chinese astrology, you will be expecting a year of healing after last year’s dividing. Hopefully conflicts will be averted, harmonious decisions will prevail and a period of mending and compromise will come to be. This is meant to be on all levels from country, to community, to family. It may be no surprise then that the Torch March around Maui (see article on page 7) is once again taking place this year, closing the Hawaiian Makahiki season and starting the last day of February, in the hopes to unite Maui on our path to conscious stewardship and re-igniting traditions of the past when Hawaiian ali‘i (chiefs) would visit all 12 Maui districts.

The Torch March helped inspire this 34th issue’s theme that in order to move forward we must know our past. This applies to knowing ourselves so that we may learn and grow as people and as a community. I saw a great quote in a film playing at the Bailey House Museum in Wailuku, that a community that does not know its past is like a tree without roots. With so many people making Maui their home it is important to be aware of the history of this island (see article on page 6), so that we can live respectfully and make sound choices when helping to shape its future.

On a personal level understanding our childhood past and our relationship with our parents will ultimately make us better parents (see article on page 4). Forgiveness is said to be the key to putting a stop to cyclical behavior. Understanding ourselves in past relationships is also shown to be a great step (see article on page 24) in establishing successful relationships for the future. Thankfully this year of the Sheep relates to nurturing times, helping the healing process with regard to past events – which will be greatly appreciated, especially if we are gonna’ try and tackle some biggies!

This year is also predicted to be a great time to come together in faith and belief, something the Dukes family know a lot about (see article on page 24 and front cover). It is heartbreaking that their littlest has been diagnosed with 4th stage cancer but heart warming how our community is rallying around them with prayers, support and financial donations to help them through this difficult time. Keep on truckin’ Trucker boy!

I wish everyone a fantastic 2015 full of love and happiness. Good luck to all you mamas giving birth this year. I hope the healing energy of the sheep prevails and we all have an amazing 2015!

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