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The Mauimama issue 2 – Editorial

Thank-you for picking The Mauimama up. I really appreciate the support. I am so happy to see positivity come from the first issue already.

One concern I had before distributing the first issue was that it may be hard for some mamas to see it everywhere if they had lost a baby in the past. So it was huge for me when the first email that came in was from Lauren. She wrote ‘Aloha, I’m loving the new magazine!…If appropriate, I would love to submit an article on an event. This is the 4th I’ve chaired and each year it is healing for myself and other moms who sometimes, for the first time are meeting another mom who has said a goodbye to their little one.’ She sent me a link to her website, and I replied ‘of course it is appropriate.’ I would like to honor this second issue of The Mauimama to Akeelah and introduce Lauren’s story…

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage?” The schoolyard song made it all sound so easy. I never in my wildest dreams thought our story would be any different. And then two months before our due date we found ourselves welcoming our daughter to the world. We watched her little 3lb 4oz self fight with all her might, but angels had other plans. The world turned upside down that day in 2008. Nothing has been the same since, and what I have grown to know is; that’s how it should be. Our children, whether held in our arms or our heart forever change the trajectory of our lives. The energy I prepared to care for our daughter was diverted to caring for her legacy. In the place of late night feedings and diaper changes pre-term labor warning sign cards were donated and over 50 blankets were handmade with love for infants that pass too soon. The Hawaii Chapter of the March of Dimes (whose mission is to prevent prematurity, birth defects and infant mortality) provided an outlet to do good in our daughter’s name. I reached out and we were lucky to find other parents who knew our grief. Together we could share the daily struggles that we encountered, the well-intentioned yet hurtful comments. We all knew the pain that came with being told, “You can have more children” and having to explain repeatedly that no other child could ever fill the place of another.

Each day since we said goodbye has been bittersweet. We’ve learned to appreciate the moments in between that much more, yet would give anything for one more moment.

Friends and Family of Pregnancy and Infant Loss are invited to attend the 4th Annual Remembrance Ceremony October 15th, 2011 at 6:45pm on the Lawn fronting the Kalana o Maui County Building, 200 High Street. For more information contact Lauren Wilson at

Our thoughts are with you.

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