Mauimama front cover issue 32

The mauimama issue 32- Editorial

Well my third baby, The Mauimama is turning THREE! Crazy how time flies when you are having fun and raising boys. I’m so grateful for everybody that supports this little zine and for everyone who enjoys the information shared within its pages. Community is a beautiful thing and we have a great one here.

With fall just around the corner and Hollow’s Eve the focal holiday of October, I tend to explore darker topics for this issue. There are many unpleasant things we have to deal with as parents, but if we deal with them with the right people it can make a world of difference. I thought a dentistry article would be good to include (see page 4), especially after I discovered Dr. Trace Baxter, an amazing family dentist who recently moved here with his young family. He has the ability to not only do great work but also make dentist visits enjoyable…even when you are having a root canal! Considering our demise as parents, can also be a heavy topic whether that is the fear of death during childbirth, see Layla’s beautiful article on the Hapai page (see page 18) or what will happen to our amazing offspring if we get untimely kicked off this mortal coil. I turned to Meg Obenauf (see page 29) to give us some pointers about that one, and how we can secure our kids parenting future.

Ukus can be another rather itchy/turn the house upside down nightmare to deal with (see Aunty Tina’s response on page 28) as can the thought of single parenting (see page 24). The GMO moratorium is another hot topic right now. I hope everyone will register to vote by October 6th and vote YES for the GMO initiative. The GMO moratorium, in part, tries to solve the nightmare scenario we have dealing with large amounts of unwanted chemicals in our environment. This is especially true for those living in Kihei who are down wind from Monsanto’s fields (see page 7). Madison a mother from Kauai shares her powerful story regarding her son and the increase in birth defects they are experiencing over there on that island (see page 6). Surely we need independent studies to prove that these chemicals (and importantly the mixture of these chemicals) are safe and pose no harm to OUR CHILDREN who are the most susceptible. With that said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed the Yes vote will prevail.

There are also a lot of events and festivals going on over the next two months, which can be found in the different calendars and footnotes through out this issue. Good luck with finding creative ways to avoid all the Halloween candy – personally we get visited by the Switch Witch but Billy’s idea (see page 25) of trying to eat it all yourself or unsuccessfully hide it are valid too!

Enjoy and have a fun two months.

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