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We are close to the point of insanity because of the buzz, and no, I am not referring to the mosquitoes. I am speaking of the raw juice fad! Some of our friends and acquaintances won’t quit chatting about their experiences with juice cleanses, and we can’t help but wonder if we should hop on the juice wagon ourselves.

Here is a brief Juice 101 course for all of you truth seekers. Drinking a raw juice is very similar to drinking a glass of wine on an empty stomach. Your body receives an immediate juice buzz, because the liquid is directly absorbed. A raw juice contains a wealth (quite the understatement) of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and live enzymes. Juice should always be enjoyed on an empty stomach so that your body can instantly absorb all the medicinal properties it contains.

Even if you were to eat a nutrient-dense meal some of the nutrients would be lost during the digestive process and if you improperly combine meals (which is a story for another article) then your body’s ability to absorb nutrients is even more limited. Raw juice is much like a daily vitamin, yet in the purest form, receiving everything your body requires to achieve supreme wellness. It is a strong immune booster and can be a great ally for your family during cold season.

Cleansing is also a key part of any wellness program. We are exposed to toxins of all kinds, whether or not we are aware. Eating more than we need (or should) especially during the last holiday season can plague us with illness. The more food we consume, the more energy we use to digest the food, leaving little to no energy left to flush toxins, or heal what ails us.

Benefits of cleansing include: Glowing skin, restful sleep, healing from illness, inflammation reduction, and weight loss to name a few and the beginning of a new year is a perfect time to flush out and tune up the body. Juicing had been used as an alternative method of healing since the early 1900’s. Perhaps you have heard of the Gerson Therapy (watch The Gerson Miracle), in which raw Juice is used to treat terminally ill patients. I have witnessed great results working with clients who suffer from moderate to severe arthritis, previous sports injuries, diabetes, obesity, melanoma, I.B.S., and many other ailments.

I suffered from hypothyroidism, and was on a high dosage of medication, until I began adding raw juice into my life. About a year into my juice lifestyle, I was able to come off of this medication completely. To learn more about the truth about juice you can go to I believe we can take control of our health and that raw juices are an easy, enjoyable way to do this for the whole family.

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