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This article is for any of you brand new parents, mothers in particular, who feel the ‘itch’ to get out because you have seriously been stuck behind walls for the last month! I am the kind of person who loves to just get up and go. Whenever I please, for whatever reason, perhaps even no reason I could just go. No plans. Wherever the minute takes me, and if I decided, once I was out, to change my mind and do something completely different, then it was perfectly okay to do so. Well, at least this was me before children. After children, and with many trial and errors, I have learned that you must have a plan!

My daughter was a month old and I was DYING to get out into the world. Dinner time, bath time and sleepy time were right around the corner but, like I said, I was dying! I went to Kahului to purchase a new phone for her daddy when it all went south of the border. Her poop however, went every which way it possibly could as if a firecracker had exploded in her diaper! It was on her clothes front and back, arms, legs the works. Thinking I would just be in the store for a quick minute, I decided it was alright to leave her diaper bag in the car…TAKE NOTE: Very Bad Idea. So I make my way down to the car, get to the car and YIPES! I don’t have any wipes. ZERO! ZIP! NADA!

*Leading up to this event; real quick explanation: Bad ant problem at home – It needs fumigation – Ants in her diaper bag on everything, everywhere – I take wipes out – I forget to put wipes back in. Follow?

SO AAAAH! I’m searching and I find diapers, a diaper cloth, extra clothes and a blanket. I use EVERYTHING on wiping her poop! By the end of clean-up it’s 8 pm and I have to trek back upstairs to the store with my baby who now has no clothes on! My purchase is finally over and we’re ready to make the journey home…sounds nice right? Well, you know how everyone’s always saying when your kid won’t stop crying put ‘em in the car and they’ll go to sleep – it will soothe them? Beware because that is not always the case! My daughter screamed whenever you put her in the car and continued to scream for the whole drive, ONE YEAR straight for as long and as far as you had to go!

I know field trips with the babies can be super special and exciting for both them and you. We all need fresh air and a bit of spontaneity in our lives but PREPARE yourself and have a plan! It will be easier on you and most importantly on your little ‘angels’. I have since tamed my impulses, they’re not completely gone, but I now know better!

(Photo of another Mauimama Katie Folio bracing town with her newborn)

Image Credit: Katie Folio

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